10 Tricks For Making The Housework That Much Easier

Unclogging the sink, cleaning the windows... Have you been putting off certain annoying household tasks for quite some time now? We understand the reluctance, but it really needn't be that way! Here are 10 nifty tricks that'll get you through the tasks on your to-do list in no time...

1. Tampon

Dirty window casings, seals and joints can be hard to reach using a cloth or sponge. To avoid all the effort and still get everything squeaky clean, we recommend using tampons instead. You can also use this method to clean other hard-to-reach areas during your housework too.

2. Zip Tie

Is the water in your sink flowing slowly due to a blockage in the drain? Simply cut notches into a zip tie with a sharp knife which you can then use to fish out the hairball. Not the nicest of tasks, but it's quick and effective.


3. Flashlight

Broken glass on the floor can be treacherous, especially when it's hard to see those smaller pieces. If you hold a flashlight at an angle to the floor though, the glass will reflect the light, meaning you'll be able to identify even the smallest of shards right away.


4. Wax Paper

Wax paper is currently experiencing a renaissance in the kitchen. It's often used as an alternative to plastic wrap or aluminum foil  for wrapping cheese, meats and leftovers.

Wax paper is also a great help during clean —use it to wipe down fixtures and fittings so that they remain their sparkling best for longer.


5. Toothpaste

For many, white shoe soles seem to be a fashion industry trick. After only a short while, they start to go yellow and appear ready to be thrown out.

However, you can use toothpaste to remove the yellow film from the surface, making your shoes look as good as new again.


6. Tennis Ball

Dark shoe soles are also a pain, as they can leave black marks on the floor. It's a good thing that you can remove them with a couple of rubs of a tennis ball then.


7. Broom Comb

A new broom sweeps clean, but you can still get some life out of your old one. To increase your broom's service life, be sure to store it so that the bristles don't make contact with the floor. After sweeping, you should also comb the broom. We therefore recommend attaching a broom comb with wide prongs to the dustpan.


8. Iron

If any candle wax ends up on the carpet or drapery, you can iron the problem away. Simply place several sheets of kitchen paper on top of the mess and iron over them several times. Keep on replacing the paper while doing so. You can clean up any remaining traces of wax using white spirit and brush them out.


9. Baking Powder

You can clean greying tile joints using a dirt eraser or a wetted toothbrush with baking powder.


10. Wire Clothes Hanger

Vacuum cleaner accessories are a real nuisance sometimes, as they can be tricky to store. So here's a clever trick using a wire clothes hanger for all your storage needs. Simply, bend the hanger in its center and place it inside the accessory — now you can hang it up neatly in your broom closet.


Now doesn't that make those dreaded household chores a little easier. And if you're after more cleaning ideas, check out this fantastic selection. 


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