10 Most Common Foods Mistaken As Healthy

Looking to eat more healthily for the summer?  You’re doing it wrong! Many so-called healthy options aren’t what they appear to be. In fact, you may as well be reaching for the junk food!

1. Smoothies

Most commercial smoothies contain lots of added fat and sugar. It’s better to make your own veggie-based versions at home using healthy whole foods for a proper nutritious boost.

2. Store-Bought Salad

If the pesticides don’t make your veggies unhealthy enough, the generous helpings of salad dressing surely will! Most dressings contain lots of sugar, trans fats, and vegetable oils. Opt for organic vegetables and balsamic vinegar instead.

3. Veggie Chips

Veggie chips have been a revelation for health-conscious snackers. Yet they contain as much salt and fat as their potato-based counterparts. Fresh vegetable sticks with hummus is a far better way to satisfy cravings.

4. Vegetarian "Meat"

Vegetarians need to be wary about these types of products since they are usually full of processed ingredients, as well as lots of salt. For your protein fix, go for beans, lentils, eggs, and nuts instead.

5. Low-Fat Yogurt

“Low-fat” labels on packaging – such as "Fat-Free," "Low Fat," and "90% Less Fat" – should set alarm bells ringing. When food manufacturers remove fat from foods, they instead add large amounts of sugar to compensate for the taste. Some yogurt brands contain more sugar than two iced doughnuts! Plain or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit is a more sensible choice.

6. Protein Bars

Protein bars may seem like a good snack when on the go, but most are packed full of added sugar and additives. If you’re going to eat protein bars, opt for ones made with whole foods.

7. Margarine

In the past, margarine was promoted as a healthy alternative to butter. The reality is that it’s made up of trans fats and refined oils. Research now shows margarine is more likely to cause heart issues than butter.

8. Sushi Rolls

While there’s nothing wrong with the odd salmon or tuna roll, fried versions with house sauce can contain up to 500 calories. That’s as much as a Big Mac meal! Instead, you should opt for sashimi if you’re counting the calories.

9. Dried Fruit

Though dried fruit is high in fiber, it’s also packed full of added sugar and sulfur to preserve it. After this process, the fruit is 3x more calorific, which is why fresh is always best!

10. Granola

Granola may seem like a healthy choice for a quick snack, but a serving from many brands contain more sugar than a can of Coke! It’s again best to opt for a homemade version instead.

It’s easy for consumers to be misled by marketing campaigns – this is particularly the case before summer when people want to get fit. As always, it’s best to go for simple, wholesome ingredients.


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