10 Clever Fruit & Vegetable Peeling Tricks

If you're anything like us, you love your fruits and veggies and want to eat them as quickly as possible. Since ain't nobody got time for all that peeling, chopping, and cutting, here are the top 10 food hacks for your favorite treats.

1. Pineapple

Instead of slicing the pineapple, jiggle the stem until it comes out of the fruit. After that, you can easily break off  individual pieces from the top down.

2. Strawberry

Insert a straw in the center bottom of the strawberry and push it all the way through the other end. 

3. Garlic

First push a Mason jar down on the garlic head to separate the individual cloves.

Then put the garlic cloves in the jar, close it, and shake vigorously. The shaking motion will loosen the cloves from their papery skin.

4. Orange

First cut off the ends on either side of the orange.

Then cut the orange vertically down the middle.

Unfold the orange and you can easily eat the individual slices.

5. Peach

To remove fuzzy peach skin, first boil the peach in water for 20 seconds.

Then plunge the peach into a bowl of ice water for 1 minute.

Now you can simply rub off the skin in one go.

6. Parsley

Pull parsley through the holes of a colander to remove the stems.

7. Hard-Boiled Egg

Place fresh hard-boiled eggs in a container, fill it with water, seal the container, and shake vigorously. The shaking will slightly crack the shells, making them easier for you to peel.

8. Tomato

 Scratch an X into the bottom of the tomato and microwave it for 12 seconds with the X facing up. The heat will loosen up the thin skin so you can peel it from the flesh.

9. Avocado

Cut the avocado twice with a knife so that it splits into 4 pieces. Then you can easily pull off the outer skin with your hands.

10. Shrimp

To loosen the skin without flinging the shrimp across the restaurant, just hook the fork under the skin.

Then you can slide it off in one swift go!

You see, it's really not that difficult to peel fruits, vegetables, eggs, and shrimp. Now you have no excuse not to start eating healthier!


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