10 Creative Candies And Scrumptious Sweets

Everyone loves to indulge in some delicious sweets once in a while, but sometimes the selection in the grocery store just doesn't cut it. If you're tired of the same old selection and want to try your hand at making your own creative candies or inventive new sweets, then give one of our 10 recipes a try. From gummy bears to chocolate, candied fruit to homemade ice cream bars, there's a recipe in here for everyone. Try one of them or try them all – either way your sweet tooth will thank you!

1.–2. Yummy Gummy Bear Recipes

Since first being produced in the 1920s, gummy bears have been a favorite sweet treat enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. Gummy bears' cute shape, practical size, and delicious taste have made this famous candy a classic worldwide. We're almost positive you're tried them before, but if we had to guess, we'd say you probably haven't gotten too experimental with how you eat your gummy bears. That's all about to change with these incredible recipes that every gummy bear fan should know! Get the instructions for the Gummy Bear Recipes.

Yummy Gummy Bear Recipes

3. Edible Chocolate Tools

Chocolate is delicious in any form, so why not try out something new and make a fun design out of it? These delicious treats might look like rusty old tools that have been lying around in the garage, but in reality they're made from rich, creamy chocolate! The best part is that these tasty chocolates look like they were made by a professional chef, when in reality they're as easy as can be to make. This is the kind of handy work we can get behind! Get the instructions for the Edible Chocolate Tools.

Edible Chocolate Tools

4.–5. Colorful Gummy Bear Surprises

We've already shown you some inventive ways to use gummy bears, but we're not done using these colorful candies to make stunning desserts. Between our gummy bear jello cake and cute little chocolate-covered gummy bear bites, you're guaranteed to find the perfect treat to try out for your next special occasion or gathering. It looks like a bag or 2 of gummy bears will have to go on your next grocery list! Get the instructions for the Gummy Bear Surprises.

Colorful Gummy Bear Surprises

6.–10. Easy Ways To Elevate Your Sweets

Jello, chocolate, and ice cream are some of the most delicious desserts in the world – there's just no denying that. While they might be yummy all on their own, there's still some territory waiting to be explored when it comes to your favorite sweets. That's where our epic candy hacks come in. Take all of your favorite desserts and transform them into something even more tasty and indulgent! Get the instructions for the Hacks For Your Sweets.

Easy Ways To Elevate Your Sweets

Buying pre-made candy can be great, but eating a delicious treat that you made yourself is even better. Upgrade your desserts with these 10 recipes for homemade sweets and taste the difference for yourself!


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