10 mistakes people make day after day

When you get used to doing something the same way day after day, you never stop to think there might be a better method. You could well be one of those people doing the following 10 things wrong without evening knowing it. Let's take a look...

1. Closing a bag of chips

Want to keep those leftover chips fresh, but can never find a clip? Instead of half-heartedly trying to roll the bag to stop the chips going stale, learn this clever folding technique and you'll never have to worry about stale chips again.

2. Fast food

This is the way fast food boxes are supposed to be opened. Open and unfold the entire box and discover how it becomes a useful dish.

3. Toilet paper

Although some people will argue the opposite, you should hang your toilet paper with the free end hanging outwards; it will be easier to unroll and your hands will not touch the wall. This will prevent you coming into contact unnecessarily with bacteria.

4. Tight bra

If your bra feels too tight, even though the cups are the right size, use a bra extender and discomfort will soon be a thing of the past!

5. Holding a glass of wine

Does your glass of wine get warm too quickly? It could be the way you're holding it that's to blame. You need to hold it by the stem, not the chalice, as shown in the photo below:

6. Picking up a juice carton

To avoid spilling the juice or squeezing the carton, hold it by the flaps. 


7. Perfume

If you always apply perfume to your wrists, stop! It's best to put it behind your ears and on your neck. Then the scent will last longer.

8. Back to the chips...

When it comes to finishing the bag, or even getting through a whole bag in one sitting, this way of leaving the bag open is great. No need to reach all the way down to the bottom of the bag.

9. Boiling without splashes

When you boil water and do not pay attention, water can start spilling out causing small disasters. Put a wooden spoon diagonally over the pot to prevent this from happening!


10. Peeling oranges

Here's the easiest way to peel an orange! Make small cuts across the orange, so it rolls out nicely as in the photo.


Pay attention to those small tasks you do everyday: maybe there are still improvements to make or you might discover an even more efficient way of doing things.


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