10 Spring Decorations For Your Home And Garden

As the outdoor critters start stirring from their winter hibernation, something awakens inside us, too – a desire to create, craft, and discover! What better way to scratch that itch than with some spring-themed DIY projects? To welcome in the new season, we've compiled 10 gorgeous DIY projects that put spring, nature, and plants in the spotlight. Whether you choose to display them in your home, on the porch, in the garden, or on the balcony, it's time to start embracing the warm weather and sunshine!

1. Backyard Wishing Well

Wells are an idyllic part of the past that you don't see turning up too often anymore. Most people used to have them in their yards because it was the only way to access clean water, but nowadays we can usually just turn on the faucet instead. That being said, wishing wells are beyond charming, so this cute DIY project is designed to bring the magic of the wishing well right to your backyard. Don't worry, that doesn't mean that you'll have to go digging for groundwater – you just need to find some pretty flowers to put in that bucket! Get the instructions for the Wishing Well.

Backyard Wishing Well

2–3. Crafting With Cement 

Cement is an easy-to-use, versatile material that's getting more and more popular for DIY projects and crafts. It's easy to work with, cheap, and super resilient, so it makes the perfect base for household decorations – especially for the backyard, garden, or balcony. Our 3 creative cement garden decorations will help you break out of the typical mold and take your crafting to new heights! Whether you're looking for a countertop herb garden for your kitchen, a cute decorative kitten for your yard, or adorable cement planters for your garden, we've got some very strong ideas for you! Get the instructions for the Cement Garden Decor

Crafting With Cement 

4.–7. Springtime Flower Crafts

After those long, drab winter months, spring just can't come fast enough! We can already feel the changes. The days are getting longer, the sun's starting to come out again, and the first flowers of spring are beginning to bloom. Those early blossoms, like hyacinths, are already popping up all over the place! Their time is now, and they're ready to show off their beauty to the whole world. To welcome spring properly, check out these 4 awesome DIY flower projects! Get the instructions for the Spring Flower Crafts.

Springtime Flower Crafts

8.–10. DIY Flower Pots

Over the last few years, succulents have become the preeminent indoor plant. There's a pretty simple reason why they're so popular: succulents don't need much water. Because they're so low maintenance, they're perfect for people with little to no experience with plants. If you want to do right by your succulents and display them in unique and stunning ways, you should definitely check out these easy DIY flower pots! Get the instructions for the DIY Flower Pots.

DIY Flower Pots

What felt like a never-ending winter is finally coming to a close. Now is the time to celebrate the buzzing bees and singing birds, bright green leaves and blooming flowers. These DIY projects are here to help and to put a spring back in your step! 


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