10 Everyday Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of

Whether you know it or not, most of the objects we use on a daily basis have hidden features, so get ready to discover 10 everyday things you didn't know the purpose of! You'll soon be full of fun facts and will be able to drop some knowledge on all your smarty-pants friends.

1. Underwear Pocket

Have you ever noticed the little pouch in women's underwear? No, it's not meant for storing things. It's just a softer fabric that's left open for comfort. Because the area is sensitive, comfort, as well as hygiene, are important, so this little pocket is made from a more hygienic material, like cotton. The rest of the garment is usually made of polyester or fake silk, so this pocket offers extra protection for the delicate area that it's supposed to protect. 

2. Smartphone Hole

The small hole in the back of your smartphone between the camera and the flash is actually a microphone that reduces the amount of external noises when you talk. It also improves the audio quality when you're making a call or using a virtual assistant.

3. Spaghetti Spoon Hole

The hole in the middle of a spaghetti spoon is not just there to strain the pasta and drain water, it also measures the exact right amount of pasta for one person. 

4. Silica Gel

Those little bags that come with shoe boxes aren't air fresheners, and they're definitely not candy! It's silica gel, which helps absorb moisture. The packets have many different uses, like drying out a wet cell phone or making your clothes smell fresh. So, the next time you find one of these packets in a new purse or shoe box, don't throw them away!

5. Tic Tac Lid

Have you ever wanted just one Tic Tac but none will come out, no matter how hard you shake the box? Or you get a flood of Tic Tacs, when all you wanted was one? Here's what to do: use the lid! Turn the box on its head, hold it with one hand, and then use your other hand to open the lid. It's a dispenser with a mold that ensures only one Tic Tac comes out at a time.

6. Mug Indentations

Have you ever noticed that most mugs have indentations on the bottom? Can you guess what they're for? Well, it's not so they're easier to stack up... it's actually so the water can drain off when they're in the dishwasher. That way, they're dry when they come out and you don't have to deal with a deluge of dishwasher water on your favorite mugs. The indentations are also ingenious because they prevent the mug from sticking to a table when it's a little wet. Win-win!

7. Bottle Security Ring

Most soda bottles have a little plastic ring that's hardly noticeable fastened to the lid. If you've ever wondered what this ring is for, the answer is simple. It's to make sure the gas from the soda doesn't escape and the soda doesn't go flat, even when it's been shaking around in your backpack all day.


8. Double-Sided Makeup Pad

There's actually a reason why the two sides of a cotton pad are different. As it turns out, the bumpy side is for applying makeup, while the flat side is for removing it. The more you know!

9. Pom-Pom Hat

Sure, those fluffy balls on pom-pom hats look super cute, but back in the day, they actually had a purpose besides making you look adorable. In the 18th century, French sailors started wearing these hats to protect their heads from bumping into the metal ceiling in their sleeping quarters.

10. Dust Jacket

This one's for all the bookworms out there: have you ever had to put a dog ear in your brand new book because you didn't have a bookmark? Well, next time you find yourself in this position, just use the dust jacket so you don't have to remember where you stopped reading or ruin your book! See, the dust jacket isn't just there to give you information about the author of the book, it's also really practical!

Most people have encountered these items before, but you will for sure look at them with different eyes now! Isn't it crazy how many different uses can be hidden in everyday things? Now they're no longer a mystery and you can start using all of them correctly! Have fun!


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