100-layer challenge: 10 unnecessary makeup experiments

While makeup can be used to create some striking results: beautifying, styling and accentuating looks for example, it has also been used to conjure up some crazy effects. On YouTube there is something known as the 100-layer challenge, whereby individuals pick a particular makeup product and then apply 100 layers of it. The crazier the ideas, the more entertaining it is for the subscribers and viewers. 

The results, let's say, take some getting used to!

1. Lipstick


2. Liquid lipstick 


3. Hair spray 

4. Nail polish

5. Highlighter


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kelly (@kellydelacreme) am

6. Mascara


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kelly (@kellydelacreme) am

7. Foundation

8. Rouge

9. Extensions


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Luxy Hair (@luxyhair) am

10. False eyelashes


To come up with such inventive and original ideas is the challenge. as well as the fact that you have to remove the 100 layers of product afterwards! This can turn into quite an arduous and lengthy affair. It's best to leave such extreme undertakings to those who are brave enough, because seriously, who would want to put themselves through all that and then risk being seen in such a state? I know I wouldn't!


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