11 Amazing Home Decorating Tips Using Flower Pots And Vases

Whether you prefer them inside or outside, there's no denying that flowers are a great way to brighten up any home. Equally important are the vessels housing the floral arrangements, so it's important to make sure that they're as lovely as their contents. The following compilation will give you some exciting ideas on how to creatively design vases and flower pots so that you can impress everyone on the block with your clever DIY skills. 

1. Concrete Flower Vase

Our living room furniture is not just for practical use, as it's also one way we can express our character. The decoration of our homes is as individual as we are. It would be terrible if we all had to live in identical, standardized apartments. In order to give your home that added personal touch, you can also make your own furnishings, like these concrete vases. Full instructions here.

2. Fairy Garden

In most cases a broken flower pot's fate is usually sealed and it can expect to end up in a pile of garbage somewhere on a landfill site. But it doesn't have to end this way! The next time you end up with a broken pot, try transforming it into a wonderfully enchanting decoration for your garden or porch. Full instructions here.

3. Vertical Herb Garden

Seasoning your dishes with fresh herbs is a fine thing, but not everyone has a herb garden in their backyard or enough space in their kitchen for all the plant pots. In which case, this indoor herb garden could provide a vertical solution to how you grow your plants. Full instructions here.

4. Hand-Shaped Flower Pots

The prettiest flowers can't truly be shown off when they have to "live" in boring pots or bowls. Of course, it's best if you have a unique container for them. If you intend to keep plants outside, you have to make sure you use something that is both durable and weather-resistant, so learn how to make a wonderfully individual garden decoration all by yourself. Full instructions here.

5. – 7. Bottle Vases

Are those empty bottles and Mason jars starting to pile up in the corner of your kitchen? And do you need some new vases to brighten things up around the house? Great! We've come up with three DIY tips for turning old bottles into impressive vases in no time. Full instructions here.

8. Hand Towel Vases

Cement doesn't just hold the walls of your house together — when it comes to crafting, it has a range of eclectic uses and is the perfect material for beautiful home decorations. For example, you can put your old cloths and hand towels to good use by turning them into shimmering concrete vases that will add some elegance to your living room. Full instructions here.

9. Self-Watering Planters

It's probably happened to everyone who's ever had houseplants. You go away for a week or two and when you get back, you hardly have to open the door before you see the dried-out, dying plants. With this trick, you'll finally be able to crack that dilemma: your plants will stay fresh whether you're there or not. Full instructions here.

10. Portable Heater

Winter is coming and so it's time to start thinking about warming things up inside. Installed heating systems are great to have, but old ones can be inefficient and expensive. So if you're fighting the cold and your heating bill, here's a great trick to get your living space warm without having to shell out tons of cash. Full instructions here.

11. Flower Pot Kids

With the days becoming shorter, yet still warm, many of us now want to spend more of our free time out on the balcony or terrace. While enjoying the fresh air, we also want to feel happy in our surroundings. So if you think your flower pots are looking a little on the dull side, here's a little inspiration for giving them a quick face lift. Full instructions here.

With this much inspiration, you'll not only be able to beautify your living room, kitchen, garden, and backyard, but you'll also always have a good gift idea on hand for your loved ones. After all, the best gifts are always homemade!


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