12 Genius Math Hacks To Step Up Your Numbers Game

Unless they're big ones in your bank account, most people aren't too fond of numbers. If you're one of those people who's been using a calculator since elementary school, then you should check out these analog math tricks that will have you looking at numbers a little bit differently, and leave you wondering why you ever used a calculator to multiply, subtract, or calculate square roots. With this handy guide, you'll be a math whiz in no time!

1. Easy Multiplication With 11

Careful — this trick only works with the number 11! If you want to multiply a two-digit number by 11, put the calculator down and use this easy trick.

2. Butterfly Fraction Subtraction

Drawing a butterfly shows you how to easily subtract fractions. Multiply the denominators and numerators of each fraction and the solution is the denominator of the resulting fraction!

A) Multiply the left numerator by the right denominator.

B) Multiply the right numerator by the left denominator.

C) Subtract B from A and that number gives you the solution!

3. Multiplication From 10-19

This method makes multiplication super easy, even without a calculator! But be careful, because this trick only works for numbers from 10 through 19. 

4. Add Fractions

Did you know it was this easy to add fractions without a calculator? First multiply the denominators of both fractions, with the result becoming the denominator of the final fraction. Next multiply the left denominator with the right numerator and the right denominator with the left numerator. Add the results of these two calculations and you have the numerator of the final fraction!

5. Multiplying By 9

It's hard to find an easier way to multiply. And as we all learned in school, 9 times something is the same as 10x minus 1x!

6–10. Even More Fun Math Tricks

With these cool math tricks, you'll have even more ways to impress your friends. Plus, there's some cool mnemonic aids that'll have you working at NASA in no time! Get the instructions for the 5 Cool Math Tricks.

11. Japanese Math Trick

With this old trick from ancient Japan, you can multiply large numbers without any technology! Get the instructions for the Japanese Math Trick.

12. Drawing With Numbers

We don't want to leave out some fun stuff, so we're including these cool number tricks that make drawing cartoons a cinch! Get the instructions for the Number Drawing Trick.

Math can be fun! It would have been nice for us to have learned these tricks back in school, especially when they wouldn't let us use calculators, but it's never too late!


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