12 Clever Tricks To Help You Throughout Your Pregnancy

While expecting a child is an exciting time, the many physical changes women experience can pose a whole host of challenges during their pregnancy. That's why it's good to have a number of clever tips and tricks to turn to in those particularly difficult moments. And better still if they can save you some cash, too. Here are 12 pregnancy hacks every woman should know!

1. Kinesio Tape

While Kinesio tape has been used by athletes for years, it can also be a great help during your pregnancy. When used correctly, the tape alleviates pain, improves blood circulation and supports the extra load. The tape is usually used on the lower belly or as long strips across the entire stomach, so experiment to see what works best for you. It might also be worth asking your physio for advice. 


2. Frozen Pads After Birth

In preparation for the birth, you can prepare some "padsicles." Once your baby has been delivered, they can do a world of good to combat birth pain. Use sanitary pads that have been soaked in aloe vera or witch hazel and then frozen. As well as cooling your intimate areas, the pads help in the healing process. 

3. Inflatable Swim Rings

The trusty old swim ring will become your best friend during pregnancy if you like to sleep on your stomach. As well as giving you a good night's rest, this method will also help to alleviate any back pain by relieving the pressure on your spine.

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4. Fly Button Expander

If it's hard for you to give up wearing your favorite pair of jeans, you can use a hair tie to delay the inevitable by a few weeks. Simply thread the hair tie through the buttonhole and secure it in place on the fly button.

5. Frozen Bra

This trick is particularly useful in high summer temperatures or if you're experiencing hot flashes from hormonal changes. Simply keep your bra in the freezer for a few hours before putting it on. Now isn't that better!

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6. Yoga

Yoga can help with muscle cramping, especially in the calves. A particularly useful exercise involves lying on the floor with your legs stretched out upwards against a wall. This improves blood circulation in your legs, helping to prevent cramps. You can find more yoga poses for your pregnancy here.

7. Belly Band From Old Top

You can create your own belly band using an old top. This prevents your belly from sticking out from under the T-shirt and hides the top of your jeans when it's no longer possible to do them up. 

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8. Grabber

This trick may sound funny at first, but you'll be surprised by how well it works! When your belly starts getting bigger, it becomes increasingly difficult to pick things up from the floor. That's why you'll need a grabber to make life easier. The grabber is also extremely useful if you need to pick something up from the table when you're lying on the couch.

9. Electrolytes In Ice Cube Form

Women experiencing morning sickness find it hard to eat. So to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs, try preparing and sucking on ice cubes made from a special solution when the nausea is particularly bad. As well as tasting good, the ice cubes provide your body with important electrolytes and alleviate any irritation in your throat. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following recipe for the solution:

  • 4 tsp sugar
  • ¾ tsp salt
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 qt water


10. Swollen Feet

If your feet become swollen during pregnancy, we recommend soaking them in tonic water. Whether it's cooled or at room temperature, tonic water reduces swelling around your feet and ankles, as the quinine it contains reduces inflammation. At the same time, the bubbles in the water provide your feet with a pleasant sensation.  


11. Gymnastics Ball

A gymnastics ball is a must-have during your pregnancy. You can use exercises to get rid of pain in your pelvic region and back. 


12. Mustard For Heartburn

Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn. The best natural methods to beat it are almonds, milk or mustard. Though it may not sound too appetizing, a teaspoon of mustard helps to combat the effects of heartburn quickly by neutralizing stomach acids. Just make sure it's not too hot or sweet.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, though it does come with its many struggles. That's why you sometimes need a few tricks to make your life a little easier during those 9 months. All the best!


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