12 Tips And Tricks For Your Big Summer Bash

Gorgeous weather and high temperatures can only mean one thing: it's time to plan your big summer bash! Whether you decide to throw it at the park or in the comfort of your own backyard, there are tons of ways to make this year's party special. Keeping guests entertained, comfortable, hydrated, and fed is no easy feat, but with these 12 tips & tricks, everyone is sure to have a great time! We'll show you creative ways to serve food, techniques to make the perfect outdoor lighting, cute drink display ideas, and tons more. Now the only thing left to plan is the guest list!

1.–4. Life Hacks For A Comfortable Summer

Summer is at its peak, so the days are nice and long, evenings are warm, and everyday life moves outdoors. To make your time in the summer sun as comfortable as possible, here are 4 genius tips & tricks to help you make the most of it. Learn how to make homemade drink protectors, a fun watermelon smoothie, more durable ice cubes to keep drinks nice and cold, and DIY insect repellent! Get the instructions for the Summer Hacks.

Life Hacks For A Comfortable Summer

5. DIY Watermelon Grill

It's not really a summer party without some delicious grilled food. And why not switch things up a bit and make a real statement with this DIY watermelon grill?! It's super cheap and easy to make, simple to cook on, and all of your guests will be impressed by how cool it looks! All you really need is a watermelon and some delicious food to grill! Get the instructions for the Ingenious Grilling Hacks.

DIY Watermelon Grill

6. Flower Pot Cooler

Did you know that you can use flower pots in tons of ways other than just for holding flowers and plants? It might sound crazy, but you can make a very simple, super effective DIY cooler out of just a few terra cotta flower pots and some sand. Keep those drinks cold for you and your guests, even when the temperatures start to soar! Get the instructions for the Flower Pot Cooler.

Flower Pot Cooler

7. Dip Display

The highlight of any party is the food, and if you're having a BBQ, then condiments, dips, and toppings are a must! If you don't have enough space on the table for all of the bottles of ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, and whatever other sauces you want to treat your guests to, then just pour them into a clean muffin pan and serve them up with a cute dip display. You'll have more space, plus it looks great! Get the instructions for the Dip Display.

Dip Display

8. DIY Decorative Lighting

Lighting is important at any party, and in the summer when you want to be outside as much as possible, having some choice mood lighting outside can make a world of difference! Instead of buying the usual run-of-the-mill fairy lights from the hardware store, you can make your own decorative lighting from soda cans. These adorable lights will definitely brighten up your party! Get the instructions for the DIY Decorative Lighting.

DIY Decorative Lighting

9. Flower Pot Wine Dispenser

Almost as important as the food at any party are the drinks! When you're the host, sometimes you find yourself running around, making sure everyone has what they want. But instead of constantly refilling everyone's glasses, you can create a gorgeous way to display drinks that also encourages guests to help themselves – and this flower pot wine dispenser is just the thing. Cheers! Get the instructions for the Flower Pot Wine Dispenser.

Flower Pot Wine Dispenser

10.–12. Creative Ways To Serve Pineapple

One of the best parts about summer is all of the delicious, fresh fruit you can eat. We all love fruit because, like so few things in this world, it's both delicious and nutritious! It also makes a great party snack, so we've come up with some creative ways to serve pineapple (and other fruits) that will both impress and refresh your guests! Get the instructions for the Creative Ways To Serve Pineapple

Creative Ways To Serve Pineapple

At the end of the day, no matter where you choose to fire up the grill and serve some ice cold beverages, these tips & tricks are going to make sure that your next summer party will be a big hit. Just be careful that you and your guests don't have too much fun!


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