13 Tricks, Crafts & Projects Using A Needle & Thread

Sewing is actually a great skill to have because it lets you create so many nifty and creative things, from personalized clothes and fluffy toys to billowy curtains and cozy pillow cases. But sewing is definitely a skill and while not everyone can be a master with a needle and thread, you don't have to be thanks to these great DIY crafts! 

1.–5. | Stylish Tips & Tricks For Your Jeans

German-American businessman Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob W. Davis have the claim to fame of inventing blue jeans in 1871. And while they were initially intended to be used as work pants for factory workers, gold diggers, and farmers, the popular piece of clothing has since evolved into a fashion icon in its own right. What we love most about jeans is how versatile they are – not only in cut and style, but also in personal design — as the following 7 tips and tricks to upgrade and restyle your jeans will undoubtedly prove. Learn more here.

6. DIY Giant Panda Body Pillow

The teddy bear may have been invented by the German company Steiff, but the cuddly toy was named after U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Since then, teddies have been created in all shapes and colors — but you don't see something like the following cuddly panda every day. For this giant panda cushion, all you need is black and white fleece, fiber fill, a little pink felt, and of course, a needle and thread – it couldn't be easier! Learn more here.

7. Homemade Bath Mat

If you're not careful, you can have a nasty tumble getting out of the shower, especially if a wet foot meets a slippery floor — or even a slippery bath mat. A real rug in front of the shower can make a lot of sense. And here you have some options: of course you can go with a store-bought one, but for a little more color and fun, try this easy method for making your own. Learn more here.

8.–11. | Kids' Crafts That Will Rock Your Socks

You can do some much more with socks than use them to keep your tootsies warm! In fact, these DIY crafts are the perfect solution for any sock that is missing a mate – instead of tossing out a lone sock, you can use the material for any of these fun kids' projects. Now you can finally make use of all those lonely discarded socks in your drawers and your children will be sure to love these delightful crafts! Learn more here.

12.–13. | Nifty Upcycling Tricks For Old Leggings

When we find small tears in our leggings or when the waistband starts to give, that's usually the first sign you should toss out your leggings, so we often simply throw them out. But wait! You many not be able to wear them as pants anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't upcycle them into another fashionable piece of clothing. Learn more here.

So go ahead and pull the needle and thread out and get started! You don't have to be a professional tailor or seamstress to pull off these homemade projects. It might take a bit of patience and practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be SEW happy you gave it a chance!


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