14 Outdoor Decor Ideas

As soon as the temperatures start to rise and the weather gets nice, nothing beats hanging out on your balcony or in your backyard. But once you finally get a chance to start enjoying your outdoor spaces after all of those months indoors, they're usually not as cute and cozy as you'd like them to be. Your porch, patio, and garden should feel as much like home as the rest of your living spaces do, so we've come up with 14 great ideas and DIY projects to help you make some amazing outdoor decor! Whether it's a gorgeous wishing well, DIY outdoor lighting, or cute garden accents, these ideas will give your lawn, patio, or balcony the personalized touch they've been missing!

1. DIY Wishing Well

Wells used to be all over the place back in the days when they were the only places to get clean water. Thankfully, nowadays we generally don't have to worry about that and can just turn on the faucet when we need some H2O. But there's one thing that's undeniable: wishing wells are beyond charming, and the effort that goes into making this cute garden accent is well worth it! Don't worry, you won't have to go digging for groundwater – you just need to find some pretty flowers to put in that bucket! Get the instructions for the DIY Wishing Well.

DIY Wishing Well

2.–4. Garden Decorations Made From Cement

Many people view their beloved garden as an extra living room  but outside in the fresh air, of course! That's why it's important for hobby gardeners to deck out their green oases with the right decor. And since everyone knows it's more fun to make decorations yourself, we're showing you a whole selection of potential DIY ideas using cement as the main material. These DIY decorations are guaranteed to give your neighbors some serious yard envy! Get the instructions for the Cement Garden Decorations.

Garden Decorations Made From Cement

5. Windmill Made From Flower Pots

Windmills evoke strong images of a quaint countryside village in Holland and a relaxed pace of life. Windmills are absolutely charming, and they make beautiful fixtures, no matter their size. Now you can bring that idyllic, peaceful atmosphere straight into your own garden or backyard using just 3 flower pots and a few household materials. So roll up your sleeves, break out those paint brushes, and get to work! Get the instructions for the Flower Pot Windmill.

Windmill Made From Flower Pots

6. Cozy Relaxation Nook Made From Wooden Pallets

It's so important to have a place in your home or garden where you can truly relax whenever you've had a rough day and need to switch off for a couple of minutes. Luckily, we know exactly how to create spot like that! Our DIY relaxation nook is the perfect place to curl up all year round. It's designed for your garden, but it can also be wheeled indoors for the colder months. Get cozy and relax! Get the instructions for the Wooden Pallet Nook.

Cozy Relaxation Nook Made From Wooden Pallets

7.–9. DIY Garden Decorations

Everybody loves a good garden  especially one filled with blooming flowers, exotic plants, and cool decorations. But it can be hard to make your space truly unique when everyone's picking up the same garden-variety decor from the local garden center. To make your garden truly stand out, you can make your own creative garden decorations using these 3 great ideas. Get the instructions for the DIY Garden Decorations.

DIY Garden Decorations

10.–13. DIY Lighting For Your Home & Garden

Subtle lighting can create the perfect ambience both at home and in the garden. To set the right mood for any given event, candles, lanterns, and fairy lights are usually the most popular choices. But instead of buying the usual run-of-the-mill lights from the hardware store, why not try making your own? Whether it's for your apartment, terrace, or garden, these ideas will certainly brighten things up and bring some light into your life! Get the instructions for the DIY Lighting Ideas.

DIY Lighting For Your Home & Garden

14. DIY Succulent Turtle Planter

Succulents are resilient little things – they can withstand almost all forms of neglect without so much as losing a leaf. That's probably a huge part of why they've steadily been climbing up the list of the most popular plants for years now. But aside from being so resilient, another reason why they're so beloved is that they look incredibly cute. If you want to step up your succulent game and display them in an original way, check out this awesome DIY project for an adorable succulent turtle planter! Get the instructions for the DIY Succulent Turtle Planter.

DIY Succulent Turtle Planter

When it comes to DIY garden decorations, the sky's the limit. Give a few of these a try and get inspired to make up some of your own. You'll never want to step foot indoors again!


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