14 Cool Tricks For Hot Days

Plenty of people wait all year for the summer to arrive. Fun activities finally start happening outside, and between spending long days in the park or by the pool and warm nights outside at BBQs and get-togethers, what's not to like? We love spending that quality time outdoors, but when the summer gets hot, it gets HOT. If you're like us and you're struggling to find ways to beat the heat this year, these 14 cool tricks for hot days can help. From great ways to keep drinks cool at picnics to solutions to sticky homes without AC, you'll be glad you tried out these easy tips. Now you can finally truly chill again!

1. DIY Thermal Pack

If there's one thing that can ruin a good picnic or day at the beach, it's a hot beverage. But unfortunately, keeping drinks cool is no easy task, and there never seem to be enough ice packs in the freezer to get the job done. That's where this easy trick comes in. All we have to say is that ziploc bags can really save the day – and your picnic! Get the instructions for the DIY Thermal Pack.

DIY Thermal Pack

2. Water Balloon Ice Cubes

When you're getting ready for a garden party or BBQ, remembering to freeze enough ice is the last thing on your mind between all of the other prep you have to take care of. But those drinks still need to be cold for your guests, so if you find yourself without enough ice cube trays and time's a-tickin', try this easy summer hack instead. Easy, colorful, and very convenient, these water balloon ice cubes are party-perfect! Get the instructions for the Water Balloon Ice Cubes.

Water Balloon Ice Cubes

3. Keep Glasses Fog-Free

We know how frustrating everyday inconveniences can be, especially when they keep adding up. We also know how important it is to find quick & easy ways to make sure things go right – and keeping your glasses clear and fog-free is a great place to start. Instead of letting the quick temperature change from AC to outside, or even the heat trapped inside your mask get you down, try this simple trick! Get the instructions for the Glasses Hack.

Keep Glasses Fog-Free

4.–8. Summer Survival Hacks

The summertime heat can be pretty divisive. Some people can't wait to see the temperatures rise, while others break into a sweat just at the thought of it. We're all agreed on one thing, though: summer is the time to dress lightly and stick to the shade when the weather gets too hot. But sometimes even that's not enough! If it's gotten to a point where you can't take the heat and need to make it more bearable, try out these easy tips! Get the instructions for the Summer Survival Hacks.

Summer Survival Hacks

9.–14. Ways To Keep You & Your Room Cool

Wanting to come home to a cool house or apartment during the summer is almost universal – after all, nobody likes sitting in a pool of their own sweat. To help you make the most of those hot summer months while still being able to beat the heat, we've come up with some essential life hacks for a cooler home. Learn how to handle the heat like a pro so that you can get back to enjoying some fun in the sun! Get the instructions for the Cool Summer Hacks.

Ways To Keep You & Your Room Cool

A little bit of heat shouldn't get in the way of the perfect summer, so when the temperature starts rising, give these 14 summer hacks a try. Breathe easier, think more clearly, and sleep like a baby – even during the most brutal heatwaves! 


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