15 Unlucky People Whose Moments Of Misfortune Were Caught On Camera

Broken a mirror lately? Or have you seen a black cat? Surely you didn't walk under a ladder? These urban legends have been doing the rounds for many a year as a way of explaining our bad luck. It's of course highly questionable that doing any of the above has anything to do with our misfortune. Instead, bad luck can usually be attributed to a series of unfortunate events.

Yet all of that will be little consolation for the following unlucky folks whose mishaps we've included in today's picture gallery. With everything having been captured on camera, we hope this unfortunate lot could at least crack a smile looking back on their bad luck...

1. There's tire blistering, and then there's this!


2. It's easy to forget about the bike rack...


3. Oh man! It was a fresh tube too!


4. A new kind of treehouse.


5. At least, the drinks holder did what it promised... in a roundabout way.


6. Maybe you should take up cycling instead... but don't make the same mistake as #2!


7. We'll leave it to your imagination to deduce what happened here.

8. Bad luck or ineptitude? Even instructions from well-known Swedish furniture stores need to be read correctly.


9. To avert bad luck, you're supposed to toss a pinch of salt over your left shoulder.

This person probably needs to use a larger pinch of salt next time...


10. The bird is probably thinking: "Why would I bother with a few pieces of old fruit when I can buy my own candy?"


11. One small step for a pedestrian, one giant leap for cyclists.


12. I hope that's sunscreen...


13. Well, it's your own fault if you don't observe proper table manners!


14. This is a sign for most painters that it's time for lunch.

To prevent anything else from going wrong, check out these 10 painting tips for professional results.


15. Here's why you should check your down cushions for any rips and tears before putting them into the washing machine or dryer.


"Knock on wood!" "Break a leg!" and all the rest of it. We hope you don't end up as unlucky as these unfortunate souls!


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