15 Great Crafts For Kids

If your kids' toys seem to just pile up endlessly, cluttering your entire home, then it's time for a change. But this change doesn't have to involve going out to buy new toys and getting rid of old ones. No. It's time to get creative with arts and crafts projects for the whole family! Not only is it going to save you a lot of money, you also get to spend quality time with your kids. So, whether it's cute hand puppets, a playhouse, or whatever else, there's something here for everyone. Check out our adorable DIY kids' crafts that are fun, fun, fun!

1.–5. DIY Crafts That Will Rock Your Socks

You can do some much more with socks than use them to keep your tootsies warm! In fact, these DIY crafts are the perfect solution for any sock that is missing a mate – instead of tossing out a lone sock, you can use the material for any of these 5 fun kids' projects. Get the instructions for the 5 DIY Sock Crafts.

6.–8. Fun & Easy Homemade Playthings For Kids

Giving your children a present is always a great pleasure, but anyone can go to the toy store and pick up something generic and unimaginative. These 3 DIY projects and kids's crafts are not only super creative, but they're actually quite easy to make – a parent's dream come true! Get the instructions for the 3 DIY Playthings.

9. DIY Indoor Playhouse

Nowadays you can buy any kind of children's toy imaginable — everything from fully equipped luxury kitchens to battery-operated mini SUVs. But the best gifts are still the homemade ones that your kids will appreciate the most knowing that you made it specially just for them! We'll show you how easy it is to turn some plain cardboard boxes into a customized playhouse that will make your kids' eyes light up. Get the instructions for the DIY Indoor Playhouse.

10.–12. Fun Butterfly Crafts Made From Plastic Bottles

Did you know that there are 160,000 different species of butterflies? And because they're so beautiful, butterflies are a popular theme for decorations. But before you head to the store and buy a bunch of expensive products, check out these 3 cool butterfly crafts you can easily make yourself with plastic bottles! Get the instructions for the 3 Plastic Butterfly Crafts.

13.–14. Creative Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls

We all use toilet paper, so of course we always have tons of leftover rolls that we inevitably just toss out. What most people don't realize, however, is that these bad boys have quite a few uses! The small cardboard rolls are so versatile, in fact, that you should think twice before tossing them out from now on — either of these fun crafts would be a perfect way to repurpose toilet paper rolls. Get the instructions for the Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

15. Homemade Comfy Pillow Mat

Do you have old bedding that maybe has a few holes in it? Even if it's in otherwise great condition, a few holes here and there make you feel like you have to toss it out, but that's not true! Here's a clever way to repurpose your old material into a cozy mat that the whole family will love. Get the instructions for the DIY Pillow Mat.

Whether it's cute butterflies made out of empty plastic bottles, a garage crafted from the finest toilet paper rolls, or a playhouse made out of cardboard boxes, your kid are going to go nuts for these cool DIY projects!


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