15 Clever Tricks That Make Everyday Life That Little Bit Easier

Whether it's useful everyday tips, fantastic innovations or time management techniques, lifehacks are simple tricks that make your life easier. Decent lifehacks fulfil 3 main criteria — they need to be easy to follow, quick to implement and represent good value for money. These tricks also need to help you at times when traditional methods fall short or cannot be used correctly. 

Ready to bring your life to a whole new level? These 15 tips will get you started...

1. Use micellar water to get your sneakers back to their sparkling best. Simply add a little micellar water to a cloth and rub it into the shoes. 

2. This trick works when there is no other way to charge your phone in an emergency. All you need is a spring from a pen, a 9-volt battery and a car charging device. 

3. If you want to go jogging, but don't have any pockets, simply attach your key to your bra.

4. To keep your takeout meals warm while driving home in the winter, place it on the passenger set and turn the seat heating up. 

5. Pull balloons over both ends of your coat hangers. This will prevent your clothes from sliding off onto the floor, and you won't need to fork out for expensive anti-slip hangers.

6. Heat up your pizza in a pan with the lid on. On a low heat, the cheese will melt while the crust stays nice and crispy.

7. If you don't have the right-sized brush to hand to apply highlighter, simply use a bobby pin and your usual makeup brush.

8. Sure, it's not the most sturdy or attractive glasses case you'll ever see, but it's a quick and easy solution for protecting your specs. 


9. Is the anti-slip underlay on your rug falling to pieces and attracting dirt like a magnet? Use two-sided velcro strips to prevent your rug from sliding instead. 

10. Menthol shave foam is great for easing the effects of sunburn. Spray the foam onto your skin, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Just be sure not to rub too hard when applying the foam.

11. If your nail polish bottle falls to the floor and breaks, quickly sprinkle sugar on top of it. Leave it for several minutes and then sweep up the mess.


12. Use a fork to remove crushed carpet marks caused by furniture.

13. Spray yourself with oil before putting on your favorite perfume. This will help the scent last longer. 

14. Use the spring from a pen to prevent the end of your phone charger cable from breaking. 

15. Keep your hair ties on a shower curtain ring. That way, they won't end up all over the bathroom.


There will always be these small obstacles in life that make everything unnecessarily complicated. Thankfully, there are enough people out there who find smart solutions to these problems. The clever folks who came up with these tricks are true geniuses and are sure to have you thinking: "Why didn't I come up with that?"





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