15 Ways To Make Your Flower Arrangements Bloom

Flower arrangements and bouquets are a delight wherever you see them. Unfortunately, though, getting some for your house can cost a pretty penny, which is why most of us save them for very special occasions. But if you're tired of waiting, try out our hacks that will help you make your own professional-looking flower arrangements, and make every occasion a special one!

1. Waffle Cone Arrangement

You'll Need:

  • tall, thin vases
  • waffle cones

Here's How:

This is a very simple hack. Just stick a waffle cone inside a vase, add flowers, and you're done! It's not difficult, but the effect is certainly memorable.

2. Red Cabbage Arrangement

You'll Need:

  • red cabbage

Here's How:

It might not sound beautiful, but the result is pretty fantastic. Cut out the core of a red cabbage and arrange flowers inside the hole, and you've got an eye-catching arrangement that you can even eat later!

3. Plant Leaf Arrangement

You'll Need:

  • tall, thin vases
  • long plant leaves
  • tape

Here's How:

3.1 Cover the inside of a vase with a long plant leaf.

3.2 Arrange tape in a grid formation over the opening of the vase.

3.3 Stick flowers through the holes in the tape grid.

4. Milk Carton Arrangement

You'll Need:

  • 4 identical milk cartons
  • 4 pieces of floral foam, cut to fit the milk cartons
  • 1 large box
  • gift wrap
  • hot glue

Here's How:

4.1 Cut out the bottoms of the milk cartons, making sure that each is the same height, then put a cube of floral foam into each one. 

4.2 Glue gift wrap to the inside and outside of a box that's large enough to fit all 4 milk carton containers, then glue the foam-filled milk carton bottoms in a symmetrical arrangement inside the gift-wrapped box. 

4.3 Arrange flowers of your choice inside the box, pushing some of them into the floral foam, and you've got a table decoration that looks something special.

5.–7. Ingenious Ways To Arrange Flowers

Flowers brighten up any home, especially when they're arranged in an attractive way. These 3 tips & tricks will give you excellent inspiration for adding some extra decoration to your home with flowers. Try them out, and you can let your flowers take center stage in the living room or anywhere else around the house! Get the instructions for the 3 Ingenious Ways To Arrange Flowers.

8.–12. Fun Flower Crafts

No matter what kind or color you pick, flowers are beautiful! But instead of just putting them in a vase and admiring them from there, get hands-on with your flowers and use them to create a bunch of cool and beautiful crafts! Here are our 5 creative ways to get a different type of enjoyment out of your flowers. Get the instructions for the 5 Fun Flower Crafts.

13.–15. Artificial Flower Ideas

Artificial flowers are a great alternative to real flowers – they last longer and cost quite a bit less! But if you're of the mindset that artificial flowers are a waste of time, or if you think they require a much more advanced DIY spirit than you currently possess to make use of them, these 3 ideas are sure to change your mind! Get the instructions for the 3 Artificial Flower Ideas.

Artificial Flower Ideas

What do you think of these flower arrangement hacks? While some of them might be a little out there, there's nothing wrong with experimenting a little bit. Once you see a few of them on your table, you'll be trying out these ideas again and again!


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