15 Creative Picture Frame Projects

Whether they're hanging on the walls of your living room or sitting on your bedside table, picture frames are in pretty much everyone's home. They look great displaying your favorite photos in a fun way, but that's not all they're good for. Believe it or not, picture frames make great materials for fun arts & crafts projects! Whether you're looking for a cute new display for your plants or some original wall art, these 15 DIY crafts & projects will help you get your home looking picture-perfect in no time!

1.–6. DIY Decorations With Picture Frames

Whoever thinks that picture frames are just for pictures hasn't tried out these fun, creative ways to repurpose them! Most people have plenty of frames lying around at home, but if you're only using them to actually frame photos, then you're not realizing their true potential. Maybe some of your old frames are missing the glass pane in front or the back is looking a little ragged, but that's no problem – they can be salvaged! These quick & easy projects will show you how to turn ordinary picture frames into so much more. Get the instructions for the Picture Frame Decorations.

DIY Decorations With Picture Frames

7. DIY Succulent Garden 

Over the last few years, succulents have become the preeminent indoor plant, probably because they're so low maintenance and unique looking. Unlike other plants, the real challenge isn't keeping them alive – it's figuring out how to display your little green friends in the best way possible. If you want to do right by your succulents and show them off them in a stunning way, try making this DIY succulent garden out of an old picture frame! Get the instructions for the DIY Succulent Garden.

DIY Succulent Garden 

8. Upcycled Photo Wheel

Everyone has an old bike lying around somewhere. But even if it's seen irreparable damage and can't be used for its intended purpose anymore, there's more to old bikes than meets the eye. Here's a hint: wheel rims. Hang onto those rims because there are tons of ways to repurpose them into something totally unexpected and awesome, like this stylish photo wheel! Brighten up your home and display your photos in a cool new way with this upcycling project. Get the instructions for the Photo Wheel.

Upcycled Photo Wheel

9.–10. DIY Gifts From The Heart

If you want to light a fire under your crush or melt your lover's heart, there's one surefire way to get the job done. Declare your love and show how much you care with a homemade gift that comes straight from the heart. After just a few easy steps, you'll be able to frame your burning love in just the right way. Show that special someone how you feel with one of these easy DIY gifts! Get the instructions for the Gifts From The Heart.

DIY Gifts From The Heart

11.–12. Upcycling Ideas For Old Frames

Making your house really feel like a home starts with your furniture and household fixtures. That being said, not everyone has tons of money to spend on original pieces of furniture or household accents. That's where these easy DIY projects come in. From salvaging a broken frame to creating a stunning greenhouse for your plants, these upcycling ideas for old frames are here to save the day – and you some money! Get the instructions for the Upcycling Ideas For Old Frames.

Upcycling Ideas For Old Frames

13. Decorative Squirrel Wall Art

Taking a nice stroll through the woods is the perfect outdoor activity any time of year. On top of being able to see nature in all of its glory, some of the fallen branches and debris you find in the woods also happen to make great materials for DIY projects and crafts! Next time you're getting some fresh air, pick up a few tree branches and twigs so that you can get started on this gorgeous DIY wall art. Bring the peaceful tranquility of the forest right into your home and have fun doing it! Get the instructions for the Squirrel Wall Art.

Decorative Squirrel Wall Art

14.–15 Fabulous Flower Frames

Most people have at least a few vases full of flowers displayed around the house in one place or another – after all, flowers are a great way to make any home more colorful. But there are plenty of other, more exciting ways to bring the beauty of flowers into your living space. Whether displayed in a glass frame or used to make the frame itself, adding flowers to your home is always a great idea. These fabulous flower frames will certainly help any room in the house blossom and come to life! Get the instructions for the Flower Frames.

Fabulous Flower Frames

Making DIY crafts with old frames isn't just a great way to upcycle them, it's also a great way to accent your living space. Framing your home in just the right way has never been so easy!


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