16 fantastic ways to reuse your old pillow cases

If you can't stand the sight of your bedding for one day longer, don't worry. There are some very useful things you can do with your old bed sheets. Today, we're going to be looking at 16 great new uses for your old pillow cases.


1. A beautiful dress

It seems incredible that you can make a dress as cute as the one this girl is wearing from an old pillow case, right?


 2. Pajama pants

This is incredible! Use two pillow cases to make yourself a pair of pajama bottoms. This looks awesome!


3. Puppet theater

If you want to keep your children distracted, you can make this original and cute puppet theater with a pillow case. Fantastic!


4. Shoulder bag

How about a new bag? You can make one for going shopping, to the beach or even for daily use. It may not be the most elegant thing ever, but it's practical. Check out how it would look:


5. Imagination is power

A simple idea that will delight the little ones in your house is to come up with own original patterns and pictures and draw on the pillow cases. You only need some colored sharpies!


6. A dress for a doll

If you can make a dress for yourself using a pillow case, you can certainly make one for a doll too. I love this one!


7. Vintage skirt

This is one of my favorites. Vintage is in right now, and this skirt is a fantastic way to create your own stylish piece.


8. Portable beds

If you're going on a trip, you can make some portable beds by sewing four pillow cases together. Now your children can nap anywhere!

9. Galactic tanktop

The design of the pillow case can be the basis for making a top as cool as this one:


10. Baby's travel bed

For a baby, you have this pillow case-style bed, which is comfortable, warm and protective all at the same time. :-)


11. Doll

Not only can you make a dress for a doll from a pillow case, you can make a doll too!


12. Scarf

You can also wear a pillow case around your neck — giving you an original, homemade scarf.


13. Extra storage

Hanging a pillow case on the back of your chair — like this one — gives you the perfect storage pocket. You can keep a lot of things here and it couldn't be any more reachable.


14. A big bag for mom

This bag is ideal for the beach or for when you're just going for a walk. And you can choose to decorate the pillow case however you like!


15. A child's apron...

This cute apron allows your children to paint and craft without fear of dirtying their clothes.


16. ...or an apron for you

Now you can cook your favorite dishes and not worry about getting all messy.


So, before you throw out those old pillow cases, have a think. Is there anything else they might be useful for? Let your imagination run wild and who knows what else you might come up with?




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