17 Tricks For Making Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

There's nothing like staying in a hotel while you're on vacation. You don't have to lift a finger as everything is done for you — the bathroom is clean, the floors are swept, and the beds are made once you return from a busy day of sightseeing. As great as these things are, a hotel room never really feels like home though. So that's why we've come up with 17 tips that will have you feeling like you're sitting in your own living room during your stay. It really is the best of both worlds! Try them on your next trip...

 1. Makeshift Iron

You've just finished unpacking and it turns out that the dress you wanted to wear is all creased. You start looking for an iron in the room and, to your horror, there isn't one. Don't panic though, as we have a simple fix for this problem: hang items of clothing on the shower curtain rail with the shower head facing away from them. Once it's turned on, the steam from the shower will remove any creases from the clothing. Just be sure to keep water from splashing on the clothes!


2. It's Too Dry!

If you're finding the air in the hotel room unbearably dry, place a damp towel next to the air-conditioning system. Now you have your very own home humidifier!


3. Keep Clothing & Footwear Separate

Use the shower caps provided by the hotel for free to separate your clothes from your shoes when they're in the suitcase.


4. Cook For Yourself

If you miss the taste of home, stay at hotels where pots and pans are provided. Just think of the money you'll save, too!


5. Children In The Hotel

If you have several children staying with you, use pillows to form a barrier in the middle of the bed so that they each have their own space while they sleep. Whenever you and your partner are sharing a bed with your children, this technique should also avoid any arguments or sleepless nights. :-)

6. Sleep Like A Log

Place a rolled up towel along the bottom of the door to prevent any noise and light from entering the room.


7. Children's Table

Turn the ironing board into a makeshift table where your children can eat. 


8. Fun & Games

Use strips of tape to create streets for toy cars on the carpet or board games.


9. Keep Out The Light

Use the clips on a clothes hanger to close up any gaps between the drapes. You can then enjoy total darkness when you're in need of a siesta. 

10. Instant Meals

When time is tight, you can use the coffee machine to prepare instant meals such as Asian noodles and oatmeal. 


11. Spare Charger

If you've forgotten your charger plug or the country you've traveled to uses a different type of plug, there's no need to worry. Most modern hotel TVs have a USB slot that can be used as a charger, so you can browse and snap away with a full battery. 


12. Babies

If you're traveling with babies, you can turn your bedroom desk into a makeshift diaper changing table.

13. Dirty Diapers

Use the plastic bags provided by the hotel for laundry to throw away your baby's dirty diapers.


14. What's That Smell?!

Put baby wipes in your luggage or in dirty diaper bags to get rid of any lingering smells. 


15. Internet

If the hotel charges you to use the internet, you can share the internet on your cellphone by creating a personal hotspot.

iPhone Personal Hotspot

16. Clean Toothbrushes

Use a clothing clip from your luggage to keep your toothbrush elevated. This will keep the toothbrush away from dirt and bugs.


17. It's Laundry Time

Use coins and plastic wrap to create a plug. You can then do your washing in the sink. 

So there you have it — these tricks will make any hotel room a home away from home. Just be sure not to work too hard when you're supposed to be relaxing!


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