18 Surprising Ways To Use Fruits

Everyone knows that fruits make nutritious and delicious snacks, but what you might not know is that many fruits have tons of hidden uses. These 18 surprising ways to use fruits will show you tons of different ways that different fruits can help you solve everyday problems. Lemons are absolute all-stars when it comes to cleaning the house, strawberries and coconuts can be used in DIY beauty products, and bananas can be used for all sorts of things! Not only are these 18 tips great ways to save money on expensive household items, but they also offer all-natural alternatives to store-bought solutions. It looks like life just gave you lemons, so now it's time to use them!

1. Homemade Fertilizer

If your plant is looking a little sad, it's probably time for some fertilizer. If you don't happen to have any at home, good news: you can easily make your own. Using lemon juice and just a few additional ingredients, you can perk up your plants and reinstate that green thumb of yours! Get the instructions for the Homemade Fertilizer.

Homemade Fertilizer

2. Grow A Mango Plant

There are plenty of reasons why getting into urban gardening is a good idea: growing your own fruit and veggies means that you get to control what they are and aren't exposed to, your grocery bills will thank you, and it's a really rewarding project that will turn anyone's thumb green in no time. If you've been meaning to give it a shot, look no further because we can start you off with this gorgeous mango plant! Get the instructions for the Mango Plant.

Grow A Mango Plant

3. Easy Mosquito Repellent

When summer is at its peak, the days are still long, the evenings are warm, and in general, everyday life moves to the outdoors. But nothing ruins a beautiful summer's day or night quite like pesky mosquitoes do – they're literally the worst! To make sure they stay away, try this easy trick using a lemon. Get the instructions for the Mosquito Repellent.

Easy Mosquito Repellent

4.–8. Useful Lemon Hacks For Your Household

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or accept the fact that lemons are awesome and you should always have a bunch of them around! Lemons are multi-purpose lifesavers that can help you solve tons of everyday problems. Try out these useful lemon hacks and find out how to use them in tons of new and exciting ways! Get the instructions for the Useful Lemon Hacks.

Useful Lemon Hacks For Your Household

9.–12. Banana Peel Hacks

Who doesn't love a good banana? They're definitely delicious, but there are actually so many amazing things you can do with bananas besides eat them – especially with the peel! These great tips & tricks will show you how to make the most out of your peels the next time you finish your favorite mid-morning snack. Get the instructions for the Banana Peel Hacks.

Banana Peel Hacks

13. Microwave Cleaning Hack

There's a reason why chores get such a bad rap – they're a nuisance, they involve quite a bit of elbow grease, and nobody likes using chemical-filled household cleaners to get the job done. But once grease and grime builds up, especially in your microwave, it's impossible to ignore, and even harder to clean! To make the cleaning process a little bit easier try this easy trick using a lemon! Get the instructions for the Microwave Cleaning Hack.

Microwave Cleaning Hack

14. Trick For Cleaning Burnt Pans

Sometimes you find yourself in the cleaning aisle at the supermarket, and you're just overwhelmed by all the different products for problems you've never even heard of. And that's only the half of it, because then there's the fact that most of the cleaning products you get at the store have tons of chemicals in them that are bad for the environment and for yourself. Well, this all-natural cleaning hack for burnt pans is here to help! Get the instructions for the Trick For Cleaning Burnt Pans.

Trick For Cleaning Burnt Pans

15. DIY Organic Coconut Shampoo

As the song goes, "Put the lime in the coconut, and drink them both up!" But coconuts aren't just for hula costumes and drinking your cocktail out of – in fact, there are tons great everyday things you can do with coconuts, like making this homemade coconut shampoo. What a simple way to take self-care into your own hands! Get the instructions for the DIY Coconut Shampoo

16.–17. Genius Beauty Hacks Using Fruits

There are so many DIY beauty hacks on the internet that you could probably spend days reading through them all, or you could spend tons of money purchasing all kinds of creams, masks, and lotions instead. But there is a different way – a better way. And it all starts right at home in your kitchen. These amazing DIY beauty tips & tricks are going to leave you looking gorgeous without emptying your wallet! Get the instructions for the Beauty Hacks Using Fruit.

Genius Beauty Hacks Using Fruits

18. Homemade Bird Feeder

Contrary to popular opinion, you should actually feed birds all year round. And it's a win-win situation because we get to observe them while they're eating. But there's no need to go out and get store-bought bird food. In fact, it's so much easier to make your own bird feeder stations out of fruits and nuts that you probably already have at home! Get the instructions for the Homemade Bird Feeder.

Homemade Bird Feeder

Who knew how many hidden uses there were for fruits? From helping you remove stubborn grime to repelling mosquitoes, from making plants grow to feeding the birds, fruits can really do it all!


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