18 Crafty Ways To Reuse Old Toys

Lego is one of the world's most iconic toys, and it's not just for kids! Adults can enjoy playing with the colorful bricks, too, and the Danish company now caters to so many different groups that there's sure to be something for everyone. Whether it's Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, or The Avengers, fans from all different corners of pop culture can get their money's worth. But if you still have Legos from back in the day, check out these crafty ways to reuse old Legos!

1. Lego Lamp

You'll Need:

  • desk lamp
  • Lego bricks

Here's How:

Just build a "wall" of Lego bricks around the desk lamp. Use different colored bricks and make sure you leave plenty of gaps in between bricks as you're building the wall so that the light can shine through later.

Lego Lamp

2. Lego Snow Globe

You'll Need:

  • small glass jar
  • Lego minifigures
  • 3 Lego bricks
  • hot glue
  • baby oil
  • glitter

Here's How:

2.1 Stack 3 Lego bricks on top of each other and place the minifigure on top.

2.2 Glue the figure along with the bricks to the inside of the glass jar lid.

2.3 Add baby oil and glitter to the glass jar. Screw the lid back on and your Lego snow globe is done.

Lego Snow Globe

3. Marble Maze

You'll Need:

  • Lego baseplate
  • small red & white Lego bricks
  • marble

Here's How:

On a Lego baseplate, create a labyrinth of small white Lego bricks. Then mark a starting point and a target point with red Lego bricks, and there it is – your very own Lego marble maze.

Marble Maze

4. Lego Picture

You'll Need:

  • deep picture frame
  • white piece of cardboard
  • Lego bricks
  • large stencil of a Lego minifigure
  • pencil
  • box cutter

Here's How:

4.1 Draw the outline of a large Lego figure on the white piece of cardboard.

4.2 Cut out the figure with a box cutter or scalpel.

4.3 Put the counterpart of the figure into the picture frame and fill it with Lego bricks. Place the back wall in the frame.

Lego Picture

5. Lego Clock

You'll Need:

  • Lego baseplate
  • 12 Lego minifigures
  • hot glue
  • wall clock mechanism
  • drill

Here's How:

5.1 Glue 12 Lego minifigures in a circle to a Lego baseplate.

5.2 Drill a hole in the middle of the plate, insert the wall clock mechanism into the hole from the back, and fix the hand in the front.

Lego Clock

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These quirky Lego crafts don't just look great, they're also a ton of fun to make. They also make fantastic birthday gifts for kids, so get ready to rebuild the world and have some fun!


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