19 Brilliant Beauty Tricks

When you live a busy life, some things can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, those little things you do to keep yourself feeling happy and confident tend to be the first to go. When was the last time you made an appointment to get your nails done or eyebrows threaded? Whether it's time or money that's keeping you from the beauty salon, these tips & tricks are here to help. If you're longing for perfectly manicured fingernails, beautifully shaped eyebrows, or sparkling white teeth, we've got some simple solutions that can help. Learn how to look your best on a budget, while also giving yourself some well-deserved self care! 

1.–5. Life-Saving Bra Hacks 

Anyone who wears a bra on a regular basis knows some of the pitfalls associated with it. Bras can be annoying and uncomfortable, the strapless ones ride up and slip down, and the ones with straps tend to peek out from under your clothes and can ruin your entire outfit. That's a pretty long list of grievances from something that a lot of people wear pretty much every day. Lucky for you, we have 7 life-saving bra hacks that you won't want to live without. Turn that frown upside down and give bras a chance! Get the instructions for the Genius Bra Hacks.

Life-Saving Bra Hacks

6.–12. Tricks For Painting Your Nails

Many people love to get their nails done, but it can get pretty pricey once it becomes a monthly habit. Some people prefer to see an expert because they're afraid the chance of messing them up at home is far too likely. But caring for your fingernails is much easier and cheaper than you ever could have imagined! If you want well-manicured nails without the hefty price tag, try these brilliant tips & tricks for healthy nails. Get the instructions for the Tricks For Healthy Nails.

Tricks For Painting Your Nails

13.–15. Banana Peel Beauty Tricks

Who doesn't love a good banana? What you might not know is that there are actually tons of amazing things you can do with them besides eat them – especially with the peel. Surprisingly enough, some of the best kept beauty secrets can be found in everyone's favorite yellow fruit! From clear skin to white teeth, bananas are full of helpful hidden uses. Give these great tips & tricks a try the next time you finish your favorite mid-morning snack. Get the instructions for the Banana Peel Hacks.

Banana Peel Beauty Tricks

16.–19. Boost Your Brow Game

It's all about eyebrows these days. They play such an important role in framing your face that they really need to be arched just right and filled in perfectly. Most people have a brow routine and know just what to do, but if you're an eyebrow rookie or if you're looking for the best beauty hacks out there, check out these game-changing tips & tricks to help you achieve that perfect brow. Get the instructions for the Perfect Eyebrows

Boost Your Brow Game

Whether it's a stunning manicure, a new skin care routine, or perfectly curved eyebrows, these 19 tips will help you take care of all your beauty needs right at home. You'll have that fresh-from-the-salon look without breaking the bank! 


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