19 Fabulous DIY Gifts For Mother's Day

Moms are the best, and that can never be said enough. But we also all know that actions sometimes speak louder than words, which is why Mother's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your mom how much she really means to you, loud and proud! Anyone can buy a bouquet of flowers, but there's an even better way to give your mom the appreciation she deserves. These 19 DIY Mother's Day gift ideas will show you how to make the perfect gift, and the perfect statement. It's time to make your mom the Mother's Day gift she's been dreaming about since the day you were born!

1.–2. DIY Picture Frame Gifts

Who says picture frames are just for pictures? Not us! Picture frames of every size and shape can be found in most people's homes, but if you're only using them to actually frame photos, then you're not realizing their true potential. Here are some picture-perfect ways to turn ordinary picture frames into so much more, and to capture the perfect memories that will show Mom how much you love her! Get the instructions for the 2 DIY Picture Frame Gifts.

2 DIY Picture Frame Gifts

3.–5. Charming Mother's Day Crafts

Instead of buying presents this year, we thought it'd be a nice change to show your appreciation for Mom by making your own. Here are some ideas you may want to try  like a customized picture made from family hand prints, a set of heart necklaces, or a fold-out photo box. These are the perfect craft ideas to make your mom feel truly special! Get the instructions for the 3 Charming Mother's Day Crafts.

3 Charming Mother's Day Crafts

6.–7. Cool Popsicle Stick Gifts

Everyone knows the little things in life are the most important, and it's also the small things in our houses that make it special and truly feel like a home! So what better way to show Mom how much you love her than by making a personalized statement? Not only are you going to be able to make awesome little knick-knacks, but your home will be filled with thoughtful reminders about how much you care! Get the instructions for the 2 Cool Popsicle Stick Gifts.

2 Cool Popsicle Stick Gifts

8.–11. Special Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements and bouquets can brighten anyone's special day. Unfortunately, getting really unique or personalized bouquets can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, we have some hacks that will help you make your own professional-looking flower arrangements that will turn this Mother's Day into an extra special occasion! Get the instructions for the 4 Special Flower Arrangements.

4 Special Flower Arrangements

12. Mother's Day Flower Brooch

Artisanal handicrafts are all the rage these days, and there's a reason why everyone is such a huge fan of sewing, knitting, and crocheting – you can really let your imagination run wild! We're going to show you the perfect handmade flower brooch that is sure to impress your mom. And who knows, maybe it will inspire both of you to take up a new creative hobby together! Get the instructions for the Mother's Day Flower Brooch.

Mother's Day Flower Brooch

13.–15. Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

We've already shown you quite a few ideas for great homemade gifts for Mother's Day, but it can be hard to find the DIY statement, so if you find yourself looking for something a bit more sentimental or personalized, we've got you covered! These 3 gift ideas are the most adorably customized gifts possible for the special women in your life and make for perfect presents that will last a lifetime! Get the instructions for the 3 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts.

3 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

16. Stylish DIY No-Sew Clutch

Nowadays, there are a ton of awesome DIY projects that focus on repurposing old materials. Besides being eco-conscious, turning old items that you might have otherwise thrown away into something new and useful is a lot of fun. But this DIY clutch is really something special, because we're transforming empty milk cartons into a chic, picture-perfect handbag that'll make your mom the talk of the town. She'll love the way it looks and be impressed by how resourceful and creative you are! Get the instructions for the Stylish DIY No-Sew Clutch.

Stylish DIY No-Sew Clutch

17.–19. Stunning Paper Flowers

One of the activities people associate with their childhood most vividly is crafting. Who didn't spend hours at home and school cutting, folding, and gluing colorful paper into every shape imaginable? Now's the time to resurrect that old arts and crafts spirit! Bringing back those lovely memories you used to share with your mom is only half the fun, because when you've finished making these gorgeous paper bouquets, she'll be nothing but impressed – these paper flowers are as timeless as your relationship with her is! Get the instructions for the 3 Stunning Paper Flowers.

3 Stunning Paper Flowers

Tears of joy are almost guaranteed to fall the moment you hand your mom her homemade gift. Not only will you take the time to do something extra special for her, but the outcome will be stunning, memorable, and touching. These presents are the perfect way to show Mom just how much she means to you!


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