19 Boo-tiful Halloween Ideas

When you think of Halloween, you probably immediately conjure up images of crazy costumes, spooky decorations, and of course, candy. In fact, the love that people have for the holiday is so overwhelming, there are entire stores solely dedicated to it. That kind of popularity speaks volumes. If you want to go all-out this year and really celebrate Halloween in style, you've come to the right place, because we've compiled our 19 best Halloween ideas that are scary good. Everything you could possibly dream of for this year's Halloween season, coming right up!

1. Halloween Gummy Worms

Why serve store-bought, colorful gummy worms when you can make disgustingly delicious ones that look like the real deal?! These will simultaneously freak out and delight all the ghouls and gals around you!

Halloween Gummy Worms

2. Halloween Head In A Glass

The darkest time of year is approaching, and its steps are menacing and swift. Nobody can escape, so you may as well make the best of it. This ghoulish decoration will have everyone shrieking in horror and then laughing in delight in no time! Get the instructions for the Halloween Head In A Glass.

Halloween Head In A Glass

3. Drilled Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween's that one day of the year where creative costumes, spooky ghost stories, and next-level decorations are not only expected, but heavily encouraged. If you want to show everyone that you mean business, show off your DIY skills with some creative pumpkins that you can make with a drill!

Drilled Halloween Pumpkins

4. Halloween Witch Fingers

While everyone loves a good piece of candy and slice of pumpkin bread this time of year, we think hearty themed dishes should be front and center, making this "finger food" the perfect way to set the mood! Get the full recipe for the Halloween Witch Fingers.

Halloween Witch Fingers

5.–7. Bright Halloween Decorations

Halloween's just around the corner and all you have are those old cotton spider webs from last year's party? Then you should give one of these 3 spooky ideas a go if you really want to brighten up your home! Get the instructions for the 3 Bright Halloween Decorations.

Bright Halloween Decorations

8.–13. Easy Halloween Costumes

If you need a Halloween costume pronto, here are 6 great last-minute looks that you can easily replicate in no time. They're so realistic in fact, you might even win a costume contest. Happy haunting! Get the instructions for the 6 Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

14.–19. Halloween Decorating Tips

Some people think Halloween is a holiday that can only be enjoyed by children, but there's so much more to this spooky day than just trick-or-treating! If you want to relive the spirit of Halloween but have long outgrown the tradition of going door-to-door and asking for candy, go ahead and celebrate at home, These 6 ideas will help you set that eerie vibe you're going for! Get the instructions for the 6 Halloween Decorating Tips.

Halloween Decorating Tips

If you manage to pull off these DIY Halloween ideas, you'll definitely be the biggest hit on the block this year. People are going to be shaking in their boots when they see these decorations, but the costumes are pretty spectacular as well. Honestly, just try as many of these hacks as you can and it's sure to make Halloween extra memorable! Happy Halloween!


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