Unbelievable: 20 mad products you actually used to be able to buy

We can thank the inventive minds of decades gone by for so many modern comforts. However, there are a few "ingenious" ideas that were never really popular with customers — but we think everyone should be able to judge for themselves!  Here are 20 of the most bizarre products that never stood a chance of becoming household names:

1. The quickest way to lose weight? Without a doubt, it's the "Wonder Sauna Hot Pants!" The inflatable underwear promises to practically melt your love handles away — through precision sweating.

2. Recommended by dentists: With the "Vibra-Finger" you can stimulate your gums with a gentle massage.

3. Regularly pull on the strings of the  "Chin Reducer and Beautifier" and, according to the manufacturers, that double chin will soon be a thing of the past.

4. For all smokers too lazy to take their cigarettes out of their mouths to tap off the ash, this strange product looks promising.

5. And smoking in the rain is also no longer a problem, thanks to this little cigarette umbrella.

6. Cocaine as a remedy for toothache in children — in 1885 that seemed like quite a reasonable idea.

7. Thanks to oversized air containers, the Amphibian Bicycle allowed you to cycle on land as well as on water.

8. With this vehicle, you can travel and take the whole family with you too — along with the sewing machine.

9. With these floats that form an integral part of the bathing trunks, you can simply relax while you're in the water, you aren't going to sink.

10. For those men who have to do everything at top speed: underpants with the zipper at the front. These nylon underthings can also be used for swimming — but at the same, the manufacturers warn that the white ones become see-through when wet...

11. Cuddling up with your secret crush? It suddenly got a whole a lot easier when you could just print their face on a cushion!

12. This gigantic solar bath apparatus promises an end to pesky head colds, thanks to ultraviolet rays inside the helmet.

13. It's only dirty if you think it is: The sole purpose of the "Rectorotor" is to relieve constipation and prostrate trouble.

14. Who hasn't had to deal with this? For all your dexterity, you simply can't rotate the layers of the cube fast enough. Fortunately, "Cube Lube" is here to help! 

15. There may be no herb grown that counteracts hair loss, but maybe this magic hat can help. It helps hair to grow again within the space of a month you know.

16. A flyswatter looks really antiquated next to the Flypistol, which quite literally blows the pests away.

17. For tiny kitchens: Stove, sink and fridge in one unit.

18. Thanks to the Separate Sack Suspensory the Family Jewels can swing free, while still enjoying optimal protection — what more does any man really want?

19. So your pooch can really enjoy the wind of the journey blowing in their face, use this dog bag to fasten your four-legged friend to the side of your car.

20. However, my personal favorite is this device that allows you to shape a boiled egg into a cube. And unlike all these other inventions, you can still buy the Egg Cuber!

It's possible to debate the usefulness of these 20 extraordinary products, but one thing is for certain: they are definitely entertaining! Which was your favorite?




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