20 renovation ideas for when you’re at home

If you want to renovate your place and still need some inspiration, or if you're simply just curious how other people furnish their homes, then the following creative and surprising decorating ideas are just the thing. There are some examples that you would ideally like to realize within your own four walls, whereas with the others, you can quietly — and a little enviously — dream of having something like this in your apartment.

1. Book lovers know all too well the problem of having no space. Here, the space under the stairs has provided the solution.


2. The book shelf can also be integrated into the stairs, by fixing shelves underneath each step.


3. You don't just find a place for books under the stairs. You can turn this space into a cozy reading corner.


4. The were times when it was considered a punishment to have to sit on or under the stairs. But that's no longer the case when they look like this.


5. In old crime novels, there's often a secret room concealed behind a bookcase. In this home, it's behind the stairs.


6. Why don't the bunk beds in youth hostels ever look this chic?


7. A space-saving idea for the kitchen.


8. This idea is particularly suitable for people who bake a lot.


9. Kitchen knives can also be stored efficiently and unobtrusively. 


10. For some people, these steps might take some getting used to, but in any case, they certainly get your attention.


11. This entire row of windows can be opened and closed like an accordion. 


12. Not every bathroom is big enough for a walk-in shower. At least here you don't need a shower curtain.


13. You can also make your private sauna particularly comfortable.


14. It's not just bookcases, you can also build drawers into your stairs.


15. Or you can have them open up like chests to reveal the storage space beneath.


16. You can build a raised bed with plenty of storage space out of a few sideboards and cupboards.


17. During the day, you can gossip with you guest by the window. At night, the window seat turns into the guest bed.


18. The bed discreetly disappears into a platform and the drawers are integrated into the stairs. Note the handrail on the wall on the right.


19. Storage space doesn't get more inconspicuous.


20. It started with books and so it ends with books: books don't only have to live in rectangular bookcases or stored under stairs, as this creative solution proves.


Above all, steps seem to be hiding a lot of potential for renovation within. But if you live in rented accommodation, the space-saving ideas for the kitchen are probably the easiest to implement.


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