23 Cool And Easy Tricks And Experiments

Everyone remembers a time when they sat in science class and saw something so incredible that they couldn't believe their eyes. Nothing is quite as magical as seeing an impressive chemical reaction producing gorgeous colors or watching physics seem to bend while gazing at an optical illusion. Maybe those sorts of tricks used to seem impossible, but believe it or not, you don't need a fancy lab or a science degree to conduct fun, cool experiments. In fact, these 23 easy tricks & experiments can be done right in the comfort of your own home. They're great alternatives to doing crafts, playing games, or watching TV  plus you might even learn something doing them! 

1.6. Cool Kitchen Experiments

Doing some fun, interesting science experiments from home is easier than you might think. All you really need is some water, 1 or 2 common household items, and a captive audience. These tricks work great at kids' birthday parties and may even impress some of the grown-ups, too. Get yourself into the kitchen and try out these simple kitchen experiments! Get the instructions for the Cool Kitchen Experiments

Cool Kitchen Experiments

7.8. Fun Projects & Experiments With Salt

Whether it's in a practical salt shaker or the original container, you can pretty much find salt in every household. But instead of just cooking with it, you can use it for so many other DIY projects – from the fun to the practical to the genius! These fun projects & experiments with salt, like learning how to make your own DIY salt crystal tree or lava lamp, are great projects for kids, plus they're a whole lotta fun! There goes salt working its magic, once again! Get the instructions for the Projects & Experiments With Salt.

Fun Projects & Experiments With Salt

9.13. Fun & Easy Science Experiments

It's that time of year again when most things move indoors. It can be hard to think of fun, original activities to do – especially if you have kids to entertain. If you've run out of crafts to do, games to play, and movies to show them, here are some super fun science experiments that are sure to impress your kids. And here's the kicker: you don't even have to leave the house to successfully perform these tricks! Grab an old CD, a balloon, a candle, and a few other things and work your magic. Your kids are going to love these tricks! Get the instructions for the Fun & Easy Science Experiments.

Fun & Easy Science Experiments

14.23. Mind-Blowing Tricks & Science Experiments

For most of us, the best part of science class was the fun experiments that we got to do every once in a while. And even if chemistry and biology will forever be subjects that go right over your head, that doesn't mean you need to feel intimidated by science. There are actually a ton of awesome and super simple science experiments you can do right at home, even if you don't happen to have a degree in quantum physics. Check out some of our favorite experiments that are fun for the whole family! Get the instructions for the Mind-Blowing Science Experiments.

Mind-Blowing Tricks & Science Experiments

These experiments aren't just entertaining, they're also educational! The adults who are teaching these experiments will have just as much fun as the kids doing them. Who knew science could be so fun?!


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