3 DIY Garden Decorations To Make You The Envy Of The Neighborhood

Everybody loves a garden, especially one with cool decorations, but it can be hard to make your space unique when everyone's picking up the same garden-variety decor from the local garden center. But now you can make your own creative items with these 3 great ideas.

1. Garden Chickens

You'll Need:

  • condom
  • cement
  • twine
  • acrylic paint

Here's How:

1.1 Roll out the condom and spoon the wet cement inside.

1.2 Tie off the condom and knot a piece of twine around both ends.

1.3 Tie the other ends of twine to stable surfaces and stretch out the condom to dry in a way that it will take on the shape of a chicken.

1.4 Once the cement has dried, remove the twine and condom. Make a chicken head,comb, eyes, beak, wattles, and feet out of wet cement, and once they have dried, decorate them with acrylic paint.

2. Giant Toadstools

You'll Need:

  • metal bowl
  • red spray paint
  • white spray paint
  • stencil
  • thick tree branch
  • screw and cordless screwdriver

Here's How:

2.1 Drill a hole into the bottom of the metal bowl.

2.2 Spray the bowl red and use a round stencil to spray the spots white.

2.3 Place the bowl on the thick tree branch and drill the screw through the bowl into the branch.

3. Floral Bulbs

You'll Need:

  • wire mesh
  • purple and green spray paint
  • small plastic ball
  • twine
  • tape
  • bamboo stick
  • pruning shears
  • wire
  • tongs

Here's How:

3.1 Spray paint a piece of wire mesh purple.

3.2 Wrap a piece of twine around a small ball and tape it down.

3.3 Place the ball in the center of the wire mesh, making sure that the length of twine on the ball is long enough so that it extends beyond the bottom edge of the wire mesh.

3.4 Roll the wire mesh together and tightly twist it in opposite directions on either side of the ball.

3.5 Cut the wire mesh on one end and use the twine to pull the ball out the other side.

3.6 Cut off the excess wire mesh on the other end.

3.7 Spray paint the bamboo stick green, tie a piece of wire to one end, and tape it tightly.

3.8 Attach the wire mesh ball to the bamboo stick with wire and tape and spray paint the tape green.

Garden gnomes are so last year – these 3 unique designs are sure to spruce up your garden and turn heads! If you're looking for more garden decorations, check out on our tutorial on how to make your own Flower Pot Windmill.


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