3 Fun & Easy Homemade Playthings For Kids

Giving your children a present is always a great pleasure, but anyone can go to the toy store and pick up something generic and unimaginative. These 3 DIY projects and kids's crafts are not only super creative, but they're actually quite easy to make – a parent's dream come true!

1. Toy Grill

You'll Need:

  • rectangular plastic container with lid
  • narrow black tape
  • kids' stool
  • black acrylic paint
  • screws
  • 3 colorful knobs
  • black felt-tip marker (waterproof)
  • plastic handle
  • wire
  • orange & yellow tissue paper

Here's How:

1.1 Remove the lid from the container and place thin lines of black tape across it so it looks like a grill grate.

1.2 Paint the sides of the seat of the stool black.

1.3 Screw the container to the stool.

1.4 Color in the knobs with a black marker, leaving a small triangle of color on each knob.

1.5 Attach a plastic handle to one side of the container.

1.6 Bend and cut the wire to create 3 hooks.

1.7 Hang the hooks from the plastic handle.

1.8 Lay the tissue paper on top of one other, crumple it up to make it look like fire, and place it in the middle of the plastic lid. If the plastic lid doesn't have a hole, just glue the paper.

Place the lid on the box, add some plastic food, and your kid is ready to start barbecuing!

2. Toy Kitchen

You'll Need:

  • wooden step ladder
  • chalkboard paint
  • 2 hooks
  • hanging basket
  • 4 cable clamps
  • 3 colorful knobs
  • chalk marker
  • screws

Here's How:

2.1 Disassemble the step ladder and paint both pieces with chalkboard paint.

2.2 Reassemble the step ladder and attach the hooks on the side.

2.3 Turn the ladder over and attach a hanging basket using cable clamps.

2.4 Screw the colored knobs to the front of the ladder.

2.5 Draw stove burners with the chalk marker.

Add some play kitchen utensils and your little chef is ready to get cooking!

3. Mini Teepee

You'll Need:

  • 4 broomsticks
  • rope
  • cotton fabric
  • screws
  • double-sided tape
  • 2 pieces of ribbon

Here's How:

3.1 Drill a hole in the upper region of each broomstick.

3.2 Thread the rope through the hole of one broomstick and knot it tightly on the end.

3.3 Place the knotted broomstick upright and use the rope to attach the other broomsticks.

3.4 Wrap a piece of cotton fabric around the four broomsticks and screw it to the broomsticks.

3.5 Tape the edges of the fabric with double-sided tape and fold the top part of the material over it.

3.6 Tape a piece of ribbon to both sides of the fabric so you can tie the tent shut. Now your little genius has their own little sanctuary!

Forget the fast food ballpits or the local playground – your child will want to spend all their time with these fabulous homemade playthings! And best of all, you'll have just as much crafting these toys, as they'll have playing with them.


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