3 Ingenious IKEA Hacks To Spruce Up Your Humble Abode

IKEA is a true giant among furniture stores. Their designs are sleek, everything is very affordable, and they serve surprisingly delicious hot dogs. But what's really fascinating about IKEA furniture is the way that people try to pimp them up by inventing awesome DIY hacks. In this spirit, we've come up with 3 genius IKEA hacks to turn your side and coffee tables into one-of-a-kind, stylish pieces guaranteed to spruce up your home!

1. Comic Book Side Table

You'll Need:

  • IKEA "Lack" side table
  • old comic books
  • craft glue
  • wooden strips
  • glass table top

Here's How:

1.1 If you have a bunch of old comic books laying around, put them to use in this DIY project. Alternatively, you can print out covers from comics that you find on the internet. In any case, cut them to your preferred size and according to what you want the layout to be and glue them to the table.

1.2 Glue 4 wooden strips around the edges of the table and place a glass table top in the middle. Done!

2. Wool Table

You'll Need:

  • IKEA "Självständig" table
  • thick wool yarn in different colors
  • tape

Here's How:

Thread different colored wool yarn through the individual holes in the table and knot them at the bottom. You can make this easier on yourself if you wrap the ends with tape, making it a lot less tricky to thread the wool yarn through the holes. It is up to you what pattern you want to create with the wool, so get creative and have fun!

3. Marble Coffee Table

You'll Need:

  • IKEA "Vittsjö" coffee table
  • spray paint
  • 4 felt pads
  • marble contact paper

Here's How:

3.1 Carefully remove the glass table top from the table and turn the table over onto newspaper or something similar that you can spray paint the table on.

3.2 Put a felt pad on the bottom of each table leg and place the glass table top back on top.

3.3 Carefully fix the marble contact paper to the glass table top and smooth everything out so that there are no bubbles.

3.4 Cut off the excess contact paper with a scalpel or sharp knife.

3.5 Remove the glass table top once again, turn the table around, and put the glass table top back in its original position.


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