3 DIY Food-Themed Accessories That Look Good Enough To Eat

As loud and proud foodies, we like to surround ourselves with as many food-related items as possible. So, with this in mind, we've come up with a few DIY accessories that look good enough to eat! A notepad that looks like a burger, a taco to hold your earphones when you're on the move, and a fried egg pouch – not only do these accessories look finger lickin' good, they're also all kinds of practical and are super easy to make. A great DIY tribute to some of the greatest foods ever! 

1. Taco Bag

You'll Need:

  • light brown leather
  • red, brown, yellow, and green felt
  • glue
  • snap fasteners
  • hammer

Here's How:

1.1 Cut the leather into a circle.

1.2 Cut the felt into strips.

1.3 Glue the strips of felt next to each other onto the leather.

1.4 Cut the protruding felt strips in a wave-like pattern.

1.5 Use a hammer to fix the snap fasteners in place near the edge.

1.6 Now you can close your cute little taco bag and use it to transport your earphones without them getting all tangled up.

2. Burger Notepad

You'll Need:

  • cardboard
  • light brown felt
  • fiber fill
  • rubber bands
  • needle & thread
  • water + orange paint + small spray bottle 
  • white felt
  • glue
  • green and yellow felt
  • construction paper
  • binding ring

Here's How:

2.1 Cut two equally-sized circles out of the cardboard.

2.2 Place some fiber fill in the middle of the light brown felt and cover it with one of the cardboard circles.

2.3 Wrap the felt around the circle, fix it with a rubber band, and sew the felt together. Then cut off the excess felt. Repeat this same process for the second cardboard circle and your burger buns are done.

2.4 To make the burger bun look even more realistic, mix water and orange paint in a small spray bottle and spray the burger bun with it.

2.5. Cut the white felt into small pieces, twist them, and then glue the pieces on top of one of the buns.

2.6 Cut out two squares from the green felt. Make sure you cut them in an irregular wave-like pattern so the felt ends up looking like lettuce.

2.7 Cut a square out of the yellow felt and cut holes in it so it looks like a slice of cheese.

2.8 Glue one lettuce leaf to the inside of the upper burger bun. Then glue the cheese to the lettuce.

2.9 Glue the second piece of lettuce to the inside of the lower half of the burger bun.

2.10 Cut the construction paper into circles that are roughly the same diameter as the burger bun. Punch holes in the circles and put them all on a binding ring to create a notepad.

2.11 Glue the last page to the lettuce on the bottom half of the burger bun.

2.12 Glue the first page to the cheese on the upper half of the burger bun. Close it all up and check out your brand new, soft and squishy burger notepad.

3. Fried Egg Pouch

You'll Need:

  • white felt
  • zipper
  • needle & thread
  • yellow felt
  • fiber fill

Here's How:

3.1 Cut the white felt so it resembles the shape of a fried egg – make sure that both pieces are identical and that they each have a straight side.

3.2 Connect both sides of the fried egg by sewing them together with a zipper.

3.3 Cut out a small circle from the yellow felt. This will be the egg yolk. Place some fiber fill on top of the egg white and sew the yolk to it.

3.4 Sew the edges of the fried egg together, making sure to sew on what will be the inside of the bag. Turn the bag inside out and check out your eggstraordinary fried egg pouch.

How cute is that burger notepad? Or the taco bag? These incredibly cute, homemade accessories also make great gifts, and they certainly won't go down the wrong way!


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