3 Upcycling Ideas For Old Jeans

Jeans are probably the one item of clothing that none of us could live without. But just like everything else in your wardrobe, eventually they get worn out. If your jeans rip, don't fit like they used to, or even if you just plain don't like them anymore, think twice before you toss them in the trash. Old denim is great for upcycling, which means you can keep your old pants around without necessarily having to wear them! These 3 DIY ideas will show you how to turn your worn-out denim into a cute dog toy, a handy bag dispenser, and even a convenient cell phone pocket. Now you'll really get to decide when you want to be the one wearing the pants!

1. Dog Toy

You'll Need:

  • chalk
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • fiberfill
  • squeaker

Here's How:

1.1 Use chalk to draw a bone shape on an old pair of jeans and then cut it out. Use the bone cutout as a template for the other side and cut out a second denim bone.

1.2 Place the denim bones on top of each other, back-to-back, and sew them together, leaving one end slightly open.

1.3 Turn the sewn-together denim bone right side out and fill it with fiberfill stuffing.

1.4 Insert a plastic squeaker, sew the toy shut, and throw your dog a bone!

2. Plastic Bag Dispenser

You'll Need:

  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • elastic band
  • plastic bags

Here's How:

2.1 Cut the bottom leg off of an old pair of jeans and cut out an additional strip of denim from the thigh area of the pants.

2.2 Turn the pant leg inside out. Fold over the raw edge of fabric from the leg of the jeans and sew the fold in place, making sure it is large enough to fit the elastic band you'll be inserting.

2.3 Thread the elastic band through the sewn hem, cut off any excess elastic band, and sew both ends of the elastic band together. Turn the pant leg right side out.

2.4 Create a handle out of the denim strip you cut out by folding over the raw edges and sewing an even hem along the sides of the entire strip.

2.5 Sew the handle to the open end of the pant leg, making sure to attach it to the inside.

2.6 Stuff your bag dispenser full of plastic bags and pull a bag out of the end that has the elastic band on it.

2.7 Hang the plastic bag dispenser in a convenient place in your kitchen and you'll never have to scrounge around for a plastic bag again!

3. Cell Phone Pocket

You'll Need:

  • scissors
  • needle & thread

Here's How:

3.1 Cut out 1 of the back pockets and a small strip of denim from an old pair of jeans.

3.2 Create a handle out of the denim strip you cut out by folding over the raw edges and sewing an even hem along the sides of the entire strip. Sew the handle onto the back side of the pocket.

3.3 Plug in your phone, hang the handle of the bag on the plug, and tuck your phone neatly into the pocket.

Even though it can be sad to let a favorite old pair of jeans go, you can now give them a new life thanks to these 3 DIY upcycling ideas. From comfy to convenient, denim never goes out of style – no matter how you choose to use it! 

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