3 Upcycling Projects That Only Take A Few Minutes

A lot of the things we own seem to inevitably end up in the trash. That's kind of a shame because most of those things can be upcycled in tons of fun and creative ways. This, in turn, reduces waste, which is great for the environment. And who doesn't want to do as much for Mother Earth as possible? Even better when you get something out of it as well. We've come up with 3 upcycling projects using super common items that you definitely already have, but probably never really use. Check out what you can make out of empty plastic bottles, tennis balls, and a couple of cans – the results will amaze you!

1. Tennis Balls

There are lots of things around the house that need something to hang them on: towels, keys, oven mitts, and so on. Most often we use hooks, but there are other less predictable options. Instead of hanging a bland plastic hook on the wall, why not make your own funny-face holder? They're fun to look at, and in some cases work much better than hooks. All you need is a bit of imagination to turn a tennis ball into a funny little helper who's always there to hold your stuff! Learn more here.

2. Shampoo Bottles

Most electrical outlets are located very low on the wall, which can make it difficult to find a place to put your cell phone when it's charging. Leaving an expensive phone on the floor where it might get stepped on or someone might trip over the cable is never a good idea. But there is a very simple solution to this problem and you can make it yourself. All you need is an empty shampoo bottle! Learn more here.

3. Aluminum Cans

You can try all you want, but it's pretty hard to avoid trash. It's just part of most households, unfortunately. There are, however, those items that you don't just have to throw away — you can actually re-use, transform, or upcycle them, as long as you know how. Aluminum cans are a perfect example. There are so many ways to make use of them after you clean them out and dry them off! Learn more here.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to reuse old things and empty packaging. Doesn't matter if it's a plastic bottle, a tennis ball, or some cans. You just have to let your creative juices flow and pour all of it into these awesome DIY projects. They're good for you and the environment!


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