30 Clever Tricks For Peeling And Slicing

Slicing a cucumber, peeling a hard-boiled egg, or removing the skin from a mango without losing too much of the fruit – cutting and peeling techniques are super important basics that every home cook should know. Fruits, veggies, and other foods come in all shapes and sizes, so getting to know the basics can actually be more complicated than you might've thought. That's where these 30 clever peeling and slicing hacks come in! We'll show you the quickest and most effective ways to get your food ready to be cooked or eaten. Save time in the kitchen and avoid annoying, wasteful mishaps with these simple techniques!

1.–7. Easy Peeling Hacks

It's a cruel fact of life that some of the most delicious foods are often protected by some kind of barrier, and trying to get to the treasure within can turn into an odyssey in and of itself. So thank goodness for these tried and true food peeling hacks for everything from almonds to kiwis! Get the instructions for the Peeling Hacks.

Easy Peeling Hacks

8.–13. Kitchen Hacks For Peeling & Food Prep

There’s nothing more satisfying than the first bite of fresh fruit or a deliciously prepared vegetable, but sometimes getting through mother nature’s packaging can drive you crazy. Luckily, those days of nightmarish peeling and complicated coring are over, because we have some easy kitchen hacks that will speed up and simplify your fruit and veggie prep process! Get the instructions for the Kitchen Hacks.

Kitchen Hacks For Peeling & Food Prep

14.–23. Fruit & Veggie Peeling Tricks

If you're anything like us, you love your fruits and veggies and want to eat them as quickly as possible. Since nobody's got time for all that peeling, chopping, and cutting, here are some of our best food hacks for your favorite treats. Get the instructions for the Peeling Tricks.

Fruit & Veggie Peeling Tricks

24.–30. Cutting & Peeling Tricks

We know that preparing meals day after day can get tedious and time-consuming, so every little time-saver helps! Peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables ends up being a big part of meal prep, so we've come up with some clever tricks that will make the whole process much easier. Peel fruit without getting frustrated, chop vegetables like there's no tomorrow, and even reduce food waste with these super simple techniques! Get the instructions for the Cutting & Peeling Tricks.

Cutting & Peeling Tricks

With these easy cutting and peeling hacks by your side, you'll not only save time in the kitchen, you'll also avoid annoying problems that can get in the way of having fun while cooking. It's time to reclaim your kitchen and bring back the joy of cooking!


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