32 Cleaning Tips That Every Lazy Person Needs To Know

Cleaning and tidying up are part of life, unfortunately, and the only way to make this sad state of affairs a little less painful is by being consistent. That's right – if you keep cleaning a little bit here and there, the whole thing doesn't have to turn into a huge operation that takes hours and hours of effort! But if you're still a little bit of a slob when it comes to tidying up, don't worry, because we have 32 cleaning and organizing hacks for lazy people. Your life won't be the same after you try these!

1. Easily Fold T-Shirts

You'll Need:

  • 4 pieces of cardboard
  • masking tape

Here's How:

1.1. You will need 2 cardboard rectangles and 2 cardboard squares.

1.2. Tape them together with masking tape as shown in the video.

1.3. Place a T-shirt on the cardboard construction and fold the sides toward the middle first, then fold the upper square in the middle downwards. Now your T-shirt is folded into a neat square!

2. Electric Cleaning Brush

You'll Need:

  • cleaning brush
  • drill
  • screw
  • hot glue

Here's How:

2.1. Drill a hole into the cleaning brush.

2.2. Insert a screw from below through the cleaning brush so that the screw protrudes from the top of the brush. Fix the screw to the brush with a hot glue gun.

2.3. Now put the brush with the screw on the drill. Thanks to the rotation from the drill, you'll be able to clean large surfaces in no time at all.

3. Easy-Clean Refrigerator

You'll Need:

  • plastic wrap

Here's How:

This one's for all the slobs out there. Simply line the shelves of your refrigerator with plastic wrap. This way you won't have to clean them every time something leaks or some small accident happens. You can just remove the plastic wrap, and the dirt will be gone!

4. Blind Duster

You'll Need:

  • 2 socks
  • tongs
  • rubber band

Here's How:

4.1. Put both ends of the kitchen tongs into one sock each and fix them to the tongs with a rubber band.

4.2. Spray the socks with water and wipe each slat of your blinds with the tongs.

5. Mop Slippers

You'll Need:

  • bath mat
  • slippers
  • pen
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors

Here's How:

5.1. Place the bath mat in front of you with the bottom facing up. Use a slipper as a template and cut out 2 silhouettes of the slipper.

5.2. Stick double-sided tape to the cut-out parts of the bath mat.

5.3. Now glue the slippers to the cut-out pieces of bath mat, and you've got yourself your very own pair of mop slippers!

6.–9. Cleaning Tips For Electronics 

When it comes time for spring cleaning, a few things in your home always tend to get overlooked. There are a certain number of items that never get cleaned, not for lack of want, but maybe because you're not sure how to go about it. Electronics, for example, can be tricky, especially because you're probably wondering how can you clean them without damaging them. But we've got you covered with our top tips & tricks for cleaning electronics! Get the instructions for the 4 Cleaning Tips For Electronics.

10.–16. Genius Home Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning, most people buy expensive newfangled products specifically designed to target just one problem area. But you know what? Those products didn't exist in our grandparents' time, and yet they still managed to get their houses sparkling clean for next to nothing. So it's time to take a page out of Grandma's playbook and try these brilliant cleaning tips that you've never heard of! Get the instructions for the 7 Genius Home Cleaning Tips.

17.–20. Lemon Hacks

You know the saying: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! But why limit yourself to lemonade when there are so many other wonderful things you can do and make with lemons? You can turn them into a cleaner, deodorizer, dessert, and so much more! Here are some great tips and tricks to get you started! Get the instructions for the 4 Lemon Hacks.

21.–24. Household Uses For Salt

Everybody already has salt in the house, usually in the kitchen since that's where it's used the most. But did you know that it has so many more great uses than just seasoning your food? It's true! These tips & tricks will show you exactly how to get the most use of this beloved kitchen staple. Get the instructions for the 4 Salt Hacks.

25.–32. Natural Stain Removers

Constantly taking your clothes to the dry cleaners can get rather pricey, but what other option is there when half your wardrobe is full of those stubborn stains that are seemingly impossible to get out? Now you can save your money and your sanity, because these genius cleaning hacks will show you just how easy it is to remove 8 common stains using natural products you most likely already have on hand! Get the instructions for the 8 Natural Stain Removers.   

These 32 cleaning and organizing hacks are going to turn your life around in the best way possible. Keeping the house clean, nice, and tidy has never been easier. Try these hacks out and you'll be living spick and span in no time at all!


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