36 Tips And Tricks For Everyday Life

It's the small things in life, right? Well, it's also those pesky small things in life that can drive us up the wall. To avoid stumbling upon your biggest pet peeves all the time, and to help you go easy on your nervous system, we've compiled 36 everyday life hacks that will get rid of all those little problems that you didn't think could ever be solved. Whether you're trying to untie a knot that's too tight, your desk is a mess because of all those cables, and so much more, these tips and tricks are sure to lend you a helping hand with whatever everyday problems you're facing!

1. Hammer Holder

You'll Need:

  • split key ring
  • cable tie

Here's How:

Simply pull a cable tie through a split key ring. Then attach the key ring to a belt loop on your pants and now you can just "drop" your hammer into your holder.

2. Cable Organizer & Protector

You'll Need:

  • straw
  • pencil sharpener

Here's How:

If you like to have everything tidy and in order in your workspace, then you're probably not a big fan of cables which can wreak havoc on a person's desk. To remedy this, press a straw through a pencil sharpener and you'll be gifted with a flexible cable tube. Ingenious!

3. Loosen Knots

You'll Need:

  • 2 bobby pins

Here's How:

Everyone is familiar with this predicament: you can't untie your shoes because they're too tight, and your fingers just aren't going to do the trick this time around. What you can use instead are bobby pins! Put the two bobby pins in the knot and pull them apart. And that's all there is to it – all that's left to do is to kick off those shoes.

4. Clean Dirty Leather

You'll Need:

  • nail file

Here's How:

We've all been there: someone accidentally steps on your beautiful dark leather sandals and you're left with an unseemly imprint. Never fear! You can get rid of the dirt by using a fine nail file to rub off the grime.

5. Doorstop

You'll Need:

  • paint tube
  • hot glue

Here's How:

5.1 Squeeze a little paint out of the tube and apply a generous amount of hot glue to the tube opening.

5.2 Dye the dried hot glue and allow the paint to dry.

5.3 Squirt some more hot glue to the back of the tube and let it dry. Now you can use the paint tube as a fun doorstop.

6. Rope Cutter

You'll Need:

  • rope

Here's How:

Stretch the rope between your shoes so that it's taut, grab the end piece with your hands and pass it under the piece of rope between the shoes. Then cut the rope by pulling it back and forth.

7. Boot Shapers

You'll Need:

  • pool noodle
  • knife

Here's How:

Cut a pool noodle in half and use both halves as boot shapers.

8.–16. Everyday Things You've Been Doing All Wrong

You probably do things a certain way just because that's how you've always done them or that's how you were taught, so you might be shocked to learn that there are common products you've been using wrong your entire life. You might even be hesitant to give these new methods a try if they differ from what you're used to, but we guarantee these 9 hacks will make your life so much easier, so go ahead and give them a try! Get the instructions for the 9 Everyday Things You've Been Doing All Wrong.

17.–19. Simple Home Repair Hacks

Whether you're a natural handyman or not, there are enough things that can go wrong in a household to drive anyone crazy. Sooner or later, you'll have to get out your hammer, screwdriver, or pliers. But even those of us who are totally inept with tools will be able to manage with these brilliant tricks! Get the tips and tricks for the 4 Simple Home Repair Hacks.

20. DIY Drain Cleaner

You'll Need:

  • ¾ cup baking soda
  • ⅔ cup salt
  • ⅔ cup vinegar
  • hot water

Here's How:

This one is so simple it shouldn't even work: to get your drain back to being so fresh and so clean, mix the baking soda with the salt. Then pour in the warm vinegar and hot water, and you're done.

21. Shoe Deodorizer

It's a problem that most people don't like to talk about, but something that a lot of us have: stinky shoes! Canvas shoes can be thrown in the washing machine to freshen them up, or you could always try a deodorant spray — but these solutions only last so long. If you want to take a more long-lasting effect, you can make a nifty little deodorizer that will help you battle those musty smells every day! Get the instructions for the Shoe Deodorizer.

22.–26. Clever Ways To Upcycle Plastic Bottles

Remember the days when we used to throw absolutely everything in the garbage and it ended up in a landfill? Fortunately, over the past few decades things have gotten a lot better — paper, glass, and plastic packaging are now being recycled and used to make new products. But why not do the recycling part at home and save all the extra work and energy? Here are five nifty ways you can reuse plastic bottles at home. Get the instructions for the 5 Ways To Upcycle Plastic Bottles.

27.–35. Hot Glue Gun Tricks

Hot glue guns were a staple in many childhood homes, especially for those of us whose parents weren't all that handy with a thread and needle. Need to hem a pair of pants? Hot glue gun! Want to get those Girl Scout patches on your sash? Hot glue gun! Need to throw together a last-minute school project? Hot glue gun! Honestly, the hot glue gun has been an invaluable tool for many of us over the years, and now it's about to get even better! Get the instructions for the 10 Hot Glue Gun Tricks.

36. Color Coded Keys

Each key looks the same as the last one... and the next one, for that matter. If you have a lot of different keys and it takes a long time to recognize which one is which, you can paint them with nail polish to color code them! Try it out yourself, and you'll never get stuck outside flipping through keys again! Get the instructions for Color Coded Keys.

Who knew solving everyday problems could be this simple? It just makes life that much easier when you have these things under control. So remember to keep calm, use these life hacks, and carry on!


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