4 DIY Denim Upcycling Ideas

We all have a pile of old, worn-out jeans lying around somewhere. Maybe they don't fit that well anymore  they're too long, too short, not your style, or just plain ripped. But before you start deciding which ones to donate and which ones to toss, check out these 4 DIY denim upcycling ideas that will breathe some new life into your old jeans! Whether it's giving that old, ripped pair a totally new look or finding ways to salvage a pair that you thought were totally gone, we've got some amazing tips that will make sure your jeans are the only ones left feeling blue!

1. Pleated Skirt

1.1 Cut off the legs of your jeans right above the knee, cut along the inseam up to the crotch on both sides, and cut slits up the legs of the jeans vertically, stopping at crotch level.

1.2 Fill the gaps between the slits with pieces of fabric and pin them in place with sewing pins.

1.3 Sew the fabric in place using a sewing machine, then add a hem to the bottom of the skirt with hem tape.

1.4 Touch up the skirt near the slits by sewing some decorative pieces of fabric on top of the seam where the fabric inserts begin  this will cover up any uneven cuts and add some colorful accents!

1.5 Now this eye-catcher of a skirt is ready to be shown off!

2. Wine Tote

2.1 Cut 1 leg out of a pair of jeans just below the knee, then cut 1 medium-sized strip out of the thigh area and set it aside for later.

2.2 Turn the pant leg you removed inside out and tightly sew it together where you made the cut – this will be the bottom of the tote, so make sure that it's securely sewn shut.

2.3 Create a handle for the tote from the denim strip you set aside earlier by evening out the edges of the strip and sewing a hem along them. Sew the handle onto the open end of the jean tote, making sure it is attached to the inside.

2.4 Turn the bag right side out, and now you have a cute wine tote! It's super convenient for discreetly carrying around a bottle of wine, or it makes a perfect gift for summery occasions!

3. 3D Flower Design

3.1 Make an oval-shaped ring out of brightly colored thread and sew it to the back pocket of your jeans with green thread, using the technique shown in the video.

3.2 Decorate the pocket with green thread by sewing it into the shape of a stem and little leaves for the flower. Cut the brightly colored thread loop at the top to make the flower petals pop!

3.3 Now your old pair of jeans has some amazing 3D detail!

4. Easy Hem

4.1 If your jeans are too long, there's a quick fix! Using a needle and thread, stitch through the jeans vertically on both the front and back sides. The stitches should be as even as possible and should equal the length your jeans need to be shortened.

4.2 Gather the extra fabric by pulling the thread and knotting it tightly.

4.3 Now your jeans are the perfect length and the hem looks great!

Thanks to these awesome denim upcycling ideas, you can finally experience all that denim has to offer!

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