4 DIY Vases To Brighten Up Your Home

1. Concrete Vase

Living room furniture isn't just for practical use – it's also one way we can express our character. The decoration of our homes is as individual as we are. It would be terrible if we all had to live in identical, standardized apartments. In order to give your home that added personal touch, you can also make your own furnishings, like these concrete vases, for example. All you need are two items of plastic packaging to get the right shape! Learn more here.

2.–4. Bottle Vases

Are those empty bottles and Mason jars starting to pile up in the corner of your kitchen? And do you need some new vases to brighten things up around the house? Great! We've come up with 3 DIY tips & tricks for turning old bottles into impressive vases in no time! Learn more here.


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