4 DIY Candles That Will Light Up Your Home

Whether it's a small tealight in a decorative glass or a large pillar candle sitting on the coffee table, candles can be the perfect cozy element to add to any room. Of course, you can always pick some up at your local home goods store, but then your options are limited – plus buying fancy candles can get surprisingly expensive. Rather than burning through all of your money, why not try one of these 4 ideas for DIY candles? Turn ordinary candles into something extraordinary, repurpose leftover candle wax, and create unique candles from scratch in just a few simple steps. Now you can light up your home exactly the way you want to!

1. Rustic Floral Candles

You'll Need:

  • pressed flowers
  • pillar candles
  • tealight
  • paintbrush
  • decorative tape, twine, or ribbon

Here's How:

1.1 To make some gorgeous rustic candles for your home, gather a few fresh flowers and press them in a book for at least 2 weeks, until they become flat and dry. Light a tealight, dip a paintbrush into the melted wax, and use the wax to stick the pressed flowers onto the pillar candles.

1.2 Wrap some ribbon or twine around the candles and tie a bow in the front. Now your boring pillar candles will be the highlight of any room you light them in!

2. Tropical Floating Candles

You'll Need:

  • glasses
  • sand
  • seashells 
  • water
  • blue food coloring
  • cooking oil
  • parchment paper
  • candle wicks
  • tape

Here's How:

2.1 To make some fun floating candles, pour some sand into the bottom of the glasses and place the seashells on top. Slowly fill the glasses with water, add in a few drops of blue food coloring, and stir gently to die the water blue. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the glasses so that there's a thin layer of it on top.

2.2 Cut parchment paper into circular pieces that fit inside the glasses. Make a hole in the center of each circle, thread 1 candle wick through each hole, and tape the wicks in place. Place the pieces of parchment paper in the glasses with the wicks facing up. Light the wicks and watch your dreamy floating candles light up the room!

3. Unique Upcycled Tealights

You'll Need:

  • leftover candle wax
  • packaging tape
  • cookie cutters
  • candle wicks

Here's How:

3.1 To make your own fun tealights, melt any leftover wax you have from old candles over a double boiler. Place your cookie cutters on top of some packaging tape so that you can easily remove the candles later. Place a wick in the center of each cookie cutter, pour in the melted candle wax, and wait for it to harden.

3.2 Carefully slide the candles out of the cookie cutters and your adorable new tealights can help you decorate for any season, holiday, or special occasion!

4. Calming Seaside Candles

You'll Need:

  • tealights
  • seashells

Here's How:

4.1 To make some gorgeously simple candles, remove the wicks from some tea lights and melt the wax over a double boiler. Flip your seashells over so that they become little bowls, place a wick in the center of each one, and pour in the melted candle wax. As soon as the wax has hardened, you'll have some beautiful candles that will transport you straight to the seaside.

These 4 techniques are great starting points for candle making, but feel free to get creative and put your own spin on any of these designs. Quick, easy, and stunning – making your own candles truly is a bright idea!

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