Our 41 Best Beauty Tips

Beauty products are everywhere – all over your news feed, advertised in magazines, they take up half the pharmacy, and they're even in grocery stores! All of these products promise full-bodied hair, flawless skin, and perfectly manicured nails with just the lightest touch of makeup or the tiniest bit of effort. We all know that just isn't true! Beauty is pain, right? And it costs a lot. Well, not necessarily! We're sharing our top 41 beauty tips that will not only save you time, but are cost-efficient and require minimal effort. Get ready to look and feel like your best self! 

1.9. Quick Hairstyles For Fine Hair

If you weren't blessed with naturally thick and voluminous hair, finding a stylish hairstyle that actually works for you can take up a lot of time and cost a lot of money. That's why we've come up with a bunch of quick and easy tricks to give you an impressive do every single day of the week, and then some. Not only are these ideas super simple, they're cute, professional, and work for everyone! Get the instructions for the 9 Quick Hairstyles For Fine Hair.

9 Quick Hairstyles For Fine Hair

10.18. Natural DIY Beauty Hacks

Everybody wants to feel good about themselves, and while beauty may only be skin deep, there's no shame in wanting to look your best and feel confident! You can usually buy a quick fix for any beauty issue you might have, but it often comes with a big price tag. If you want to treat yourself to a little self care but don't want to break the bank, check out these beauty remedies. Best of all, you most likely have all of these household ingredients right at home, so it won't cost you a thing! Get the instructions for the 9 Natural DIY Beauty Hacks.

9 Natural DIY Beauty Hacks

19.25. Tricks For Perfect Nails

Getting your nails done can be a great, relaxing experience, but it can also get pretty pricy when it becomes a monthly habit. Some people prefer to see an expert because they're afraid of messing up their nails if they're doing them at home, but taking care of your nails is much easier than you you might have thought! If you want well-manicured nails without the hefty price tag, check out our tips and tricks for healthy nails! Get the instructions for the 7 Tricks For Perfect Nails.

7 Tricks For Perfect Nails

26. Natural Blackhead Remover

You most likely have a box of baking soda sitting in your fridge keeping things fresh, maybe you use it in recipes sometimes, and if you're really in the know, you use it to declog your drains. But did you know that baking soda can also clear your pores? It's an amazing, cheap ingredient you can use to get rid of those nasty blackheads that just won't seem to leave your face alone. You'll have smooth, even skin in no time! Get the instructions for the Natural Blackhead Remover.

Natural Blackhead Remover

27.33. Summer Beauty Hacks

Unfortunately, summer isn't all fun in the sun. Less talked about, but no less important, are all of those pesky little side effects that the season tends to have on your body. We're talking unseemly tan lines, skin that starts to peel after a sunburn – you know the stuff. But we have good news! We've got the most effective summer beauty hacks for you to try out this summer. Say goodbye to chafed thighs and brassy hair, because our summer beauty hacks are here to save the day (and season)! Get the instructions for the 7 Summer Beauty Hacks.

7 Summer Beauty Hacks

34.37. Makeup Saving Tricks

Have you ever spent your morning rushing to get ready, just to discover that your eyeliner had somehow dried out? Or popped into the powder room to freshen up before a big date, just to find an empty lipstick tube? At this point, you probably have a love-hate relationship with makeup: you love what it can do for you, but hate how often it lets you down. All makeup will eventually wear down or run out, but you might as well get your money's worth and enjoy every last drop thanks to these genius tips! Get the instructions for the 4 Makeup Saving Tricks.

4 Makeup Saving Tricks

38.41. Perfect Eyebrow Tips

It's all about eyebrows these days – they play a very important role in framing your face, so they have to be arched just right and filled in perfectly. Most people have a brow routine and know just what to do, but if you're an eyebrow rookie or looking for the best beauty hacks out there, check out these game-changing tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect brow! Get the instructions for the 4 Perfect Eyebrow Tips.

4 Perfect Eyebrow Tips

These 41 amazing tips and tricks will take some of the stress out of your beauty routine and leave you feeling confident and gorgeous! Who knew it was so easy to look this good?


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