43 Little-Known Ways To Use Everyday Objects

Let's be honest: it's the little things that annoy us the most on a daily basis, like a pair of pants that won't button or the fact that the neighbor's dog won't stop running through your garden. It's super frustrating, right?! If you're looking for solutions, you've come to the right place because we have all the best secret tips on how everyday things can make your life easier!

1.–7. Clever Rubber Band Tricks For Everyday Use

Everyone has rubber bands at home, but these useful little stretchy loops are usually stowed away in a drawer or Mason jar where they're quickly forgotten about. But most people don't realize just how practical rubber bands actually are, and they can even solve many everyday problems! Learn more here.

8.–12. Uses For Cola Around The House

We all know that cola may not be the healthiest drink ever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have plenty of other good qualities. In fact, it never hurts to keep a few bottles on hand at home. Here are just a few great reasons why the popular soda is incredibly practical around the house! Learn more here.

13.–21.Tips & Tricks To Make Everyday Life Easier With A Drill

It was once believed that a drill was only suitable — not to mention useful — for manual labor. But as these clever life hacks will show you, that's far from the truth! As can be seen from these DIY ideas, a power drill can be used for more than just drilling holes. Now you can really get your money's worth from this handy piece of machinery.  Learn more here.

22.–32. Hidden Functions Of Everyday Things

Things you use on a regular basis often have hidden or secret features that you aren't even aware of. And these are exactly the types of things that can make your life so much easier, so it's time to take notice and take advantage. It's amazing how easily these super handy features are overlooked, even though they're actually pretty obvious once you discover them! Learn more here.

33.–38. Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Kinder Surprise Eggs

Fun and games and chocolate: Kinder Surprise Eggs were an integral part of childhood for many. In addition to the chocolate, no egg was complete without the infamous yellow capsule. In the past you could stack these plastic bits on top of each other and sometimes they were even part of the toy. But even today you can find surprising possibilities for the containers, as the following handy tips and tricks will show you. Learn more here.

39.–43. Fork Hacks That Will Put All Other Cutlery To Shame

Forks are actually among the oldest tools of humanity and date all the way back to the Bronze Age. However, the personal table fork as we now know it, became commonplace in ancient Greece, the Byzantine Empire, and the Middle East by the 10th century, although it would still take quite some time before it caught on in North America and northern Europe, thanks in large part to the Italians and their love of pasta. Fortunately, the fork is now a jack of all trades, which is not only beneficial at the dining table, but also in everyday arts and crafts and DIY projects, as the following tips and tricks prove. Learn more here.



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