5 Beautiful Cement Crafts That Everyone Should Make

Attention DIY Enthusiasts: Sit up and take notice, because we've come up with 5 new cement crafts for you to try! If you've never worked with cement before and are feeling a slight sense of trepidation, don't fret: it's easy to handle and can easily be poured into all kinds of different forms. And once it's hardened, you'll have unique and stylish masterpieces, trust us!

– Mix the cement with water according to the instructions on the package for all these crafts. – 

1. Tealight Holder

You'll Need:

  • wet cement
  • lighter
  • tealight
  • tape

Here's How:

1.1 Pour the wet cement in a Ziploc bag, press a tealight on the bag, and fix it in place with tape.

1.2 Once the cement has hardened, remove the tape, tealight, and Ziploc bag. Place the tealight back in the space in the cement and light it – now you've got yourself a cute cement tealight holder.

Tealight Holder

2. Cement Earrings

You'll Need:

  • blister pack
  • wet cement
  • hot glue
  • ear studs
  • paint

Here's How:

2.1 Fill a blister pack with wet cement and let it harden.

2.2 Glue ear studs to the dried cement.

2.3 Paint the finished earrings in a decorative design.

Concrete Earrings

3. Jewelry Stand

You'll Need:

  • cappuccino can
  • wet cement
  • tree branch
  • spray paint

Here's How:

3.1 Cut off the bottom part of a cappuccino can.

3.2 Fill the lower part of the can with wet cement and stick a branch in the center. Once the cement has hardened, remove the rest of the can.

3.3 Spray paint the branch in the color of your choice.

Jewelry Stand

4. Ceiling Lamps

You'll Need:

  • 1 large plastic bottle
  • 1 small plastic bottle
  • 1 aluminum can
  • wet cement
  • tape
  • paint
  • lamp socket
  • light bulb

Here's How:

4.1 Cut off the bottom section of the large plastic bottle.

4.2 Put the small plastic bottle inside the larger one and place both bottles in an upright position in an aluminum can.

4.3 Pour the wet cement into the space between the 2 plastic bottles and wait for it to harden.

4.4 Remove the plastic bottles, strategically place tape over the cement lampshade for a stylish design, and spray paint it in the color of your choice. Remove the tape once the paint has dried.

4.5 Screw a lamp socket through the lampshade, screw a light bulb in it, hang up the lamp, and there you have it – a super stylish light fixture.

Ceiling Lamps

5. Cake Stand

You'll Need:

  • silicone cake pan
  • wet cement
  • wine glass

Here's How:

5.1 Fill a silicone cake pan with wet cement. Remove the handle and foot from a wine glass and press the handle into the wet cement.

5.2 Once the cement has set, remove the cake pan, place the concrete slab on its foot, and enjoy your brand new cake stand.

Cake Stand

Making epic crafts with cement really isn't as complicated as it sounds – give it a try, and the results will definitely speak for themselves!

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