5 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Coconut

As the song goes, "Put the lime in the coconut, and drink them both up!" But coconuts aren't just for hula costumes and drinking your cocktail out of — in fact, there are so many great everyday things you can do with coconuts, we had to limit ourselves to the top 5 uses!

1. Coconut Water

You'll Need:

  • small screwdriver
  • hammer

Here's How:

Use the small screwdriver and hammer to create 3 holes on the top of the coconut. Turn the coconut upside down and pour the refreshing coconut water into a glass.

2. Organic Coconut Shampoo

You'll Need:

  • blender
  • water
  • cheesecloth 
  • sieve
  • 3 oz natural liquid soap
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 3 travel-size bottles
  • funnel

Here's How:

2.1 After you've emptied the coconut of water (Step #1), crack it open by hitting the middle section with a hammer all the way around. The coconut should open after about 6–8 gentle whacks. Then tap the pointed ends of the coconut halves with the hammer to knock the flesh out of the shell. Cut the flesh into small pieces and add them to a blender with some water. Place a sieve inside of a bowl and place a cheesecloth over the sieve. Pour the blended coconut flesh into the sieve and squeeze the cheesecloth to drain the liquid.

2.2 Add natural soap and honey to the strained coconut milk and mix well.

2.3 Pour the coconut shampoo into travel-size bottles with the help of a funnel.

3. Coconut Bowl

You'll Need:

  • sandpaper
  • nail polish
  • walnut oil

Here's How:

3.1 Open and drain a coconut using Steps #1 and #2, and remove all of the flesh with a knife. Smoothe the inside, outside, and edges of the coconut shell with a piece of sandpaper.

3.2 Paint the inside of the coconut halves with a nail polish color of your choice.

3.3 Put a little bit of walnut oil on a cloth and run it over the outer shell to make the surface nice and shiny. Fill the shells with the treat of your choice for handy bowls.

4. Coconut Candle

You'll Need:

  • candle
  • pencil
  • aluminum can
  • pot
  • lavender oil

Here's How:

4.1 Break a candle in half and remove the wick.

4.2 Drain, open, and sand the coconut shell. Tie the candle wick to a pencil and place it in the center of one halved shell.

4.3 Break the candle into small pieces and put them into the aluminum can. Place the aluminum can in a pot of water of medium heat, add a few drops of lavender oil to the can, and wait for the wax to melt.

4.4 Pour the melted wax into the coconut shell, making sure that the piece of wick inside the shell is completely covered. Once the wax has hardened, cut off the rest of the wick and the pretty coconut candle is ready.

5. Coconut Flower Pot

You'll Need:

  • cord
  • wooden beans
  • potting soil and plants

Here's How:

5.1 Drain, open, and sand the coconut shell and set it aside for now. Tie the cord around your hand 3 times and cut off the piece. Repeat this 7 times for a total of 8 equally sized pieces.

5.2 Tie all 8 strings together with a knot at the top.

5.3 Thread a wooden bead on the short end of the knot and make another knot behind it.

5.4 Put 2 strings together and make a knot at the same height for all 4 string pairs. Select the point where the top of your flower pot should be.

5.5 Tie 2 strings together a little bit deeper, resulting in a net structure. At the end, the cords on the far left and the cords on the far right must be knotted together so that the net has a 3D structure.

5.6 Knot all the strings together again in order to hang the coconut shell in the net. Once the shell is placed inside, fill it with the potting soil and plant or flowers of your choice and hang it on your balcony or in your apartment for a nice natural vibe.

No matter how you use them or what form they end up in, coconuts always evoke a wonderful feeling. Whether you eat them, drink them, or just like to look at them, coconuts tend to make you picture yourself on the beach on a nice, sunny, relaxing day, and these 5 coconut tricks are no exception!


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