5 Everyday Things Used In Completely New Ways

Wikipedia informs us that life hacks are "any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life." Well, thank goodness for life hacks, because thanks to this handy concept, we've come up with tons of new ways to use everyday items, starting with these top 5.

1. Cola

We all know that cola may not be the healthiest drink ever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have plenty of other good qualities. In fact, it never hurts to keep a few bottles on hand, because we have 6 good reasons why the famous soda is incredibly practical around the house. Get the full tips & tricks here.

2. Ice Cube Tray

Who would have guessed that there's so much more you can make with an ice cube tray than just ice cubes? Thanks to the recipes found in our video, you can use your ice cube tray to make all sorts of nifty drinks. Get ready to be inspired.

3. Iron

If you thought ironing was limited to clothes, then you're in for a fun surprise! Here are 9 other home uses for the iron, none of which involve smoothing out wrinkles! Get the full tips & tricks here.

4. Kinder Eggs

Fun and games and chocolate: Kinder Surprise Eggs were an integral part of childhood for many. In addition to the chocolate, no egg was complete without the infamous yellow capsule. Even today you can find surprising possibilities for the containers, as the following 6 handy hacks will show you. Get the full tips & tricks here.

5. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are a good example of a recyclable item, and throwing them in the recycling bin instead of the trash really does help the environment. But why not do the recycling part at home and save all the extra work and energy? We have 5 nifty ways you can reuse plastic bottles at home! Get the full tips & tricks here.

If you're looking for some more ways to incorporate life hacks into your everyday routine, check out 9 Unique & Beautiful Life Hacks For Your Home and 9 Tips & Tricks To Make Everyday Life Easier With A Drill.


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