5 Useful Lemon Hacks For Around The House

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, alternatively, accept the fact that lemons are awesome and you should always have a bunch of them around for various reasons, because lemons are a fruit that can be used a thousand different ways! They're multi-purpose lifesavers for everyday problems such as water boilers in desperate need of decalcification, a distinct lack of dishwasher tabs, or halved avocados that should retain their beautiful green color. To find out how to use lemons to solve these problems and more, check out our 5 useful lemon hacks for around the house!

1. Keep Avocados Fresh

It can be hard to finish an entire avocado in just one day, but then you have to deal with the beautiful, vibrant, green flesh turning into a sad, brown mess. No one likes it, but it's a part of life. Hold on a second, though! There is a way out of this conundrum! All you need to do to keep avocados fresh is drizzle some lemon juice over your sliced avocado and then wrap it in plastic wrap. The results speak for themselves!

Keep Avocados Fresh

2. Paint With Lemon Juice

Some people dislike lemons because of their sour taste, so they avoid the yellow citrus fruit like the plague. But there's more to lemons than just their sourness: by rubbing a cotton swab over a lemon half and soaking it in lemon juice, you and the little ones in your life can experience true magic!

Use the cotton swab to draw something on a piece of white paper. You could turn that into a fun quiz! Can the kids guess what you're drawing without being able to see it?

Now heat an iron and run it over the piece of paper with the lemon juice, and watch as your previously invisible art turns very visible! Easy, breezy, lemon squeezy.

Paint With Lemon Juice

3. Decalcify Your Water Boiler

Need to urgently decalcify your water boiler but forget to buy the special cleaner stuff? Don't worry, we've got you: just add a few slices of lemon to the water, bring it to a boil, and you'll have a squeaky clean water boiler in no time at all!

Decalcify Your Water Boiler

4. Lemon Juice Dishwasher Detergent

Lemons aren't just lifesavers when it comes to decalcifying water boilers, they're also a secret weapon you can use for your dishwasher. If you've run out of dishwasher tabs, just add some lemon juice to the tab compartment. Not only will your pots, pans, and plates look brand new and squeaky clean, your kitchen is also going to be awash with the fresh and fruity scent of lemon.

Lemon Juice Dishwasher Detergent

5. Bleach Laundry Naturally

We can't be the only ones this has happened to: a load of fresh laundry is waiting for you, but as you pull out the individual items of clothing, you realize that your favorite white shirt has turned an ugly shade of laundry accident. But that doesn't have to spell the end for your accidentally-dyed garment – just use our trusty friend, the lemon! Add a few lemon slices and water to a pot and boil your garment in it for 20 minutes. Your favorite piece of clothing will return to its former glory right before your eyes, all without the use of unnatural chemicals!

Bleach Laundry Naturally

Now if that's not reason enough to always have a bunch of lemons around, we don't know what it's going to take to convince you! All of these hacks are incredibly useful, plus they're all-natural and easy to do. Don't be afraid to lemonize your life!

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