5 Things You Should Never Order In A Restaurant, According To Chefs

It's a quiet day and you want to treat yourself, so you decide to let someone else do the cooking. You head to your favorite restaurant, check out the menu, and see the colorful "Special of the Day" insert in the menu. That sounds good! You go ahead and order the specialty item, but when it comes, you're just disappointed. How disgusting! Could you have known that the food would be so bad? Is there anything you could have done to have prevented this? Why yes, there certainly is! Here professionals chefs will tell you the main dishes you should avoid at all costs when eating out. These health hacks will keep you from thinking "Better luck next time!"

Don't let your special meal get ruined the next time you decide to treat yourself to a night out. Follow these healthy tips and tricks to avoid any novice mistakes, and you'll have the best dish in the house!


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