7 Cleaning Hacks To Make Things All Shiny & New Again

Cleaning is seemingly a never-ending task. Unfortunately, it's not enough to clean things just once. Over time, they start getting dirty again and we have to get out the cloth and cleaning agents. Frustrating, no? Well, that's why we've come up with six tips for making cleaning less of a chore.


1. Dirt Encrusted On The Bottom Of The Pan

Get the burnt underside of a cooking pot shiny again by sprinkling a sachet of baking powder on top of it and spraying the surface with vinegar. All you then need to do is wipe away the dirt with a sponge.

2. Removing Stickers

To remove a sticker from surfaces, simply heat it up with a hairdryer. After directing hot air at the sticker, it can be removed from the surface without leaving any sticky residue.

3. Cleaning The Toilet

Here's a classic hack to get your toilet back to its sparkling best. Simply pour cola into the toilet bowl and leave it for some time to work its magic before flushing.

4. Bathroom Cleaner

As you'll see, cola isn't just great for cleaning the toilet. First, fill a spray bottle with cola and toothpaste. After sealing, give it a quick shake to mix the contents. Spray the mixture on your bathroom fittings and wipe away the dirt with a sponge.

5. Camera Lens Cleaner


6. Toothpaste As A Bathroom Cleaner

Even without cola, toothpaste is an effective bathroom cleaner. Apply some toothpaste on a sponge and use it to clean your fittings. Simply wipe away any residue using a sponge and some clean water.

7. Ketchup Cleaner

As strange as it sounds, ketchup is actually a good cleaning agent. You can use ketchup to remove flash rust dirt around bathroom hooks, for example. Simply apply the ketchup to the affected areas and wipe away the dirt or rust.

As long as we need to keep on cleaning, these helpful tricks and tips will never go out of fashion. Try them for yourself!


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